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The Netherlands

Discuss possible ways how to deal with the distribution in The Netherlands.

{Marcel de Jong 19/04} I received an idea from User:Jan de Haan. We could try to find a distributor/importer, and approach that person with the question of doing the importing for us. Sadly I don't know anyone in that business, so I have no idea how to go about contacting someone like that.

{Sander Hoentjen 19/04} I might be able to help out here, next Tuesday I will talk with my ex-employer and ask if he has any ideas. (Their business is helping US companies establish market in Europe)

{Marcel de Jong 19/04}Please do. And keep us informed. Would be great if we can get this off the ground.

{Jan de Haan 19/04}Agree. For the record: the reason we are looking for a professional business to organize this for us is the inability of any person to front the money for 10 Freerunners, an amount of money ($6000,-) that almost everybody gives the hickups. So we're looking for a business that can buy us the 10 phones with the discount with the guaranteed sale of them. I've done business with sallandautomatisering (Am _not_ affiliated with them in any way) and they showed definite interest. So if Sander's way does not work, I suggest we contact them.

{Marcel de Jong 20/04} Jan, the Freerunner is cheaper than that. In group sale we're probably looking at a figure of 'just' $3690 (ex shipping, and probably other costs.) And otherwise it's $399 per sold phone (again excluding shipping costs and probably also import fees) BTW it would be good if the people interested in getting a Neo in this group sale also add contact information, so that people can be notified, if you haven't done so already. Out of 11, we're only able to contact 8, at the moment.

{Jan de Haan 20/04} The $6000 was 10x the price for the first hardware version for sale with the debug option. Btw, I'm definitely interested in the debug version, although that is sold as a separte packge. Source (Thanks, Marcel. ;-) )

{Marcel de Jong 20/04} I have notified 9 people on the Dutch list about this page. The other two I have no way of contacting at the moment. Let's hope they read the community mailing list. :)

{Yorick 20/04} I'm from Belgium, would shipping be possible to Belgium? I'm very interested. thanks.

{Marcel de Jong 20/04} Yorick at this point, I'm not sure. I'm not an importer myself, just someone who is eager to get his grubby hands on a Neo. :) BTW, you could start a similar discussion on it for Belgians right here as well. Just add it to the page here. Just make a separate section on this page. :)

{André Disselhorst 20/04} I was thinking that, in the case finding someone willing to do the importing in the Netherlands would fail, we maybe could join such an initiative abroad. @Jan de Haan: I think asking sallandautomatisering will do no harm.

{Eric Smith 21/04} I can help oragnise the importing. This is something I do in my business but have very little time available. So we need to be superefficient with information and of course financial arrangements. Feel free to mail me eric _at_

{Yorick 20/04} Would you also be willing to ship to Belgium?

{Jan de Haan 21/04}

  Gepost via:
  onder subject: E-mailcontact - Product Management artikel toevoegen
  Hier kunt u artikelen opgeven, die nog niet in het assortiment van 
  Salland Automatisering voorkomen, maar die u wel door ons geleverd 
  zou willen zien worden.
  Wees svp zo compleet mogelijk met het verstrekken van informatie 
  over het te leveren artikel.
  Uw naam        J. de Haan
  Uw e-mailadres Contact
  Merk           openmoko
  Naam           freerunner
     wij ( proberen 
  als groep minstens 10 openmoko/freerunner toestellen te verkrijgen a E369,- voor 
  de groepskorting. Bent u geintereseerd om dit voor ons te realiseren?
  J. de Haan.
  PS Reactie kan via mijn email adres of via de bovengenoemde pagina, deze mail 
  wordt daar ook gepost.
  E-mailcontact - verzonden
  Uw bericht is ontvangen en wordt zo spoedig mogelijk behandeld.

{Marcel de Jong 22/04} Thanks Jan. I hope this will work, I'm just afraid, we're going to need more people to make it viable for those stores to import it. But I see that they use a .eu domain, so if they also sell stuff over the border, I don't think it to be too hard to drum up some support from the other European groups. That way we can make a bigger market to offset those import costs for the retailer. BTW, I replaced your email address in that email, with something more spam-proof. ;)

{Sander Hoentjen 22/04} I had no luck with my ex-employer unfortunately. A comment about the Salland Automatisering letter though: You are talking about a E369,-, is that the price in Euro you are thinking about? ATM 369.00 USD = 231.037 EUR, shipping and taxes will be applied, anybody knows what the price will be for us taken that into account? How much money can a company make out of it, in order for us to still buy? I don't think a company will do it for free, but maybe they will do it for just the publicity, that can be good for them of course.

{Marcel de Jong 22/04} If I had to ballpark it, I'd say aim at around 350, anything below it would be great. I'm not sure what the shipping costs/import costs would come at. I think, looking at other consumer electronic prices in the US and Europe, it's a safe bet (lots of appliances have about the same number behind the currency symbol, whether it is $ or euro) And the $369 and $399 are still estimates, at least if I read Steve's mail correctly.

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