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Comments and questions are welcome

TODO: add some theory.


  • Howto deal with dynamic user interfaces, e.g: tabular data?
I have seen that there is a new part type: TABLE, maybe this can help ?
  • Where can i find the api to be used in embreyo scripts ?

Functions a dig out of the edje source:

    • get_int
    • set_int
    • get_float
    • set_float
    • get_str
    • get_strlen
    • set_str
    • count
    • remove
    • append_int
    • prepend_int
    • insert_int
    • replace_int
    • fetch_int
    • append_str
    • prepend_str
    • insert_str
    • replace_str
    • fetch_str
    • append_float
    • prepend_float
    • insert_float
    • replace_float
    • fetch_float
  • Are there any default fonts, colorclasses, styles or images available?
  • Is it possible to dynamically determ the source of signal when wild cards are used ?
  • Is it possible to declare transparency of images?
  • Using an edje/evas program as root window (dedicated application)?
When setting the fullscreen attribute on the evas canvas the canvas will occupy the complete screen.
  • Howto use gstreamer as backend of emotion ?
  • What is e_dbus exactly (is it wrapper around dbus?), which services are there ?
  • Is it possible to mix edje user interface with ewl elements ?