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Alex 13 September 2006

About the recording function, in WinCE based mobile there are some third-party applications to support this. So is in palm OS based mobile. I have being searching for an open-source one, but haven't got any. Would you please give some suggestion? Thanks.

One listed feature is DTMF support, should this be a hardware feature and given support by hardware or we should implement by software in Dialer?

(Sean Moss-Pultz) A: This is supported by Ti. We just need to impliment the UI. Please read this spec if you want more information. I'm going to write more details for this feature within the next few days.

Tony guan 03:05, 6 September 2006 (UTC): Q1: I think this design should be closely combined with the hardware button design. Some feature can be called or completed by directly press the hardware buttons. For example, call the history, or call directly from the current input by pressing the green call button. such as the nokia cell phones.

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer: We don't have any hardware buttons except a power button and a "phone" button. As mentioned in Look & Feel, the "phone" button calls the dialer on 'tap'.

Alex Q: In old specification (Call Handler Application Specification v0.2), there is another mode called "In Call", both of the Incoming and Outgoing mode will switch to "In Call Mode" after taken some action. However, call handler application is not listed in the Application Page now. Does this mode won't need any more or there will be other countermeasures? Thanks.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) A: Check out In Call Mode. All of features from the Call Handler have been integrated into the Dialer.'

Tony guan 08:45, 8 September 2006 (UTC):

Q1:Talking about the phone application stay on backgroud, should we consider the offline mode now? or other profile settings. It will determine the status of the underlayer libgsmd.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) Q: Do you mean where the RF is shutdown? Or when their is no GSM signal? We currently support a mode called Flight Mode, where all RF will be shutdown.

Tony guan 01:14, 14 September 2006 (UTC):

Yes, RF will be shutdown, and so as the dialer will not function or part of it will not function. It's a point for system design.

(Sean Moss-Pultz)

I'm planning on designing the Panel Applications to reflect their status. For example, if the GPS connection is off, the GPS Connection Status will show a red X (or something like this) through it.

Q2:So 'Profile Setting' should be an application. It will allow user to select the ring volume or vibrate or not.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) Profiles are a huge part of this phone. We've started to define this part but it's not complete yet. Please see Profiles.

Tony guan 01:14, 14 September 2006 (UTC): A: From the view of a developer, I care more about the effects of the current profile on the applications. That is, we have to make clear which one or which part of one will be affected by the current profile settings.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) Agreed. We will provide a common interface for all applications to know the state of the current profile.,

Tony guan 06:03, 11 September 2006 (UTC):

Q:Dear Sean, could we first make clear what the phone application should be like? Let's focus on the basic function first.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) A: Do you mean from a "look and feel" standpoint? Or from a feature set?

Tony guan 01:14, 14 September 2006 (UTC):

A: I mean both. Maybe we have to narrow our view to some extent to facilitate our project progress. The great ideas will also shine, but they will not take too much effort.

( Sean Moss-Pultz)

Agreed. But please give me some time to work with my graphics designers to stabilize the "look & feel". They are working on this now. Before the end of this month (Sept), all of this should be ready.

(Sean Moss-Pultz)

Q: Since the last number entered is stored in the dialer session, does it make sense to still prompt for saving to the phonebook?