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Please fill in everything you think the community should know. On 9th July this content will be moved to, FEEL FREE TO DO IT on 9th, also post a note on the community mailing list!

Period June 25nd to July 9th, 2009


  • QtMoko V3 - QT moko is debian distribution for Openmoko Freerunner phone. Phone and user interface is based on QT Extendeded formerly known as Qtopia. V3 version should be stable as daily phone. Latest changes include:
    • upgrade to QT 4.5.2 which should improve speed
    • merge from other QtMoko branches with many bug fixes
    • added nice new QtMaze game
    • fixed problem so that apt-get should work out of the box now
  • Experimental QtMoko X4 - new QtMoko images that are based on debian and that now support running X application from Qtopia. You have to use QX launcher which will allow you to start X application in fullscreen. You can exit the application when you press the touchscreen for 5 seconds. The application will be then paused and you can either kill it or continue. The support for switching tasks between Qtopia and X application is still missing.
    • images are called x4 (because of X windows support), images without X will be called v4
    • logging should now work
    • better UI speed
    • rotation should work
    • apt-get should work out of the box
    • new application QX which is used as launcher for X applications
    • included tangogps and scummvm
    • /dev/mmcblk0p1 mounts to /media/card now and /dev/mmcblk0p4 as swap.


New Applications

  • mqutIM - instant messenger for QtMoko. Only ICQ protocol is currently supported.
  • NoxChat - IRC client for QtMoko.
  • Neote - note taking application. Its interface aims to be easy and finger friendly. It's written in Python/Elementary and uses SQLite for storing data. Notes can be organized using custom categories that you can add, rename and delete at any time. Currently, only text note type is available. It should run on any system with a revision of python-elementary equal or greater to 40756. Looks like at time of this writing SHR-unstable is the only candidate. Future plans:
    • Search
    • Draw notes
    • Record voice notes

Application Updates

  • Elmdentica 0.5.0 - the µ-blogging ( only, so far) client for your Free Smartphone. You can take a look at the screenshot here
    • now with pretty bubbles with icons and temporal references
    • repeat (or retweet) what other say and reply to others
    • counter which warns if you type more than 140 characters //somebody double check, please
    • multiple account support (only one active at each moment)
  • ffalarms 0.2.3 is a program to set multiple alarms a day using a finger friendly user interface (hence the name). Three clicks to set an alarm time. Progressive volume. Switch off though four buttons puzzle. LED night clock included. ffalarms 0.2.3 includes:
    • rewritten using Vala/libeflvala/Elementary (same features as 0.2.2)
    • avoids suspend and keeps display on during alarm on FSO platform (such as SHR)
    • note: will not stop alarms added by previous versions of ffalarms


Most important and change making mails on the mailing lists, blogs etc.. Coolest hacks, screenshots, themes etc..

  • Kimaidou, author of Mokometeo, has created a google code page with a mercurial repository. Thus you all are encouraged to commit the improvements.

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