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Who is "WE"? On OM-HW-EE side this poll isn't considered helpful, as it contains no info whatsoever about actual network-situation (which is widely assumed to be the cause of buzz appearing in a particular situation). Please note the original poster seems not affiliated to OM technical staff, and we (OM) might eventually ask our customers to support a different poll. Also note there's a rework paper to fix buzz, a non-verified draft for now [jOERG]

We, I like to think, are the people who are having a problem using the FreeRunner as a phone. If you want to put up an official OpenMoko poll/questionnaire please do so, but can you make it quick? Tel us how people who can't handle a soldering tool in a professional way can fix their phones. [Michel an OpenMoko customer and believer that a phone can be open source]

Finding a way to fix by starting a poll? Hmm, maybe like this:

Country ZIP code skills and willing to help (Y), need help(N) contact (mail, IRC)
D 90429 Y max. 10 devices per week. Take beer ;-)

Hi, you said "and we (OM) might eventually ask our customers to support a different poll" if the above is an offical OM poll then there maybe some humor left at :) [Michel]