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(Formatting for VFAT--uBoot now supports ext2)
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== Booting the Freerunner from a SD card ==
My Freerunner came with a "boot from SD card" option already installed in uBoot. I just needed a SD (Not HDMC) card with the following layout:
* Partition 1 is a primary partition with a FAT filesystem containing the uImage - which has to be named uImage.bin
* Partiton 2 is a Filesystem containing the root partition. According to the uBoot environment it should be an ext2 partiton, - but it seems like the standrd kernels from the buildhost don't support this. Will try to change the uBoot environemt variable so I can boot from ext3 - which should be supported by the kernel one day.
My hardware setup is:
* Latest uBoot (July 12, 2008)
* Freerunner (GTA02V5, 1st batch that could be regularily ordered from the openmoko online shop.)
The uBoot environment variable that should allow booting from my card reads:
menu_1=Boot from microSD (FAT+ext2): setenv bootargs ${bootargs_base} rootfstype=ext2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootdelay=5 ${mtdparts} ro; mmcinit; fatload mmc 1 0x32000000 ${sd_image_name}; bootm 0x32000000
As far as I know it should be changed after logging into uBoot by
setenv menu_1 Boot from microSD (FAT+ext3): setenv bootargs ${bootargs_base} root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootdelay=5 ${mtdparts}ro\; mmcinit\; fatload mmc 1 0x32000000 ${sd_image_name}\; bootm 0x32000000
if we want to boot a stock kernel from sd card.
But I have not been able to test it until now, though.
== Formatting for VFAT--uBoot now supports ext2 ==
All the stuff that was put in there to work around uBoot's limitation of not supporting ext2fs, and instead, using VFAT should be changed.  I'm still playing around with this stuff, so I wasn't sure that what I'd put in there would be accurate. [[User:Supercheetah|Supercheetah]] 02:58, 26 July 2008 (UTC)
agreed -- need the newer uboot, but it can be changed.  I have not tested it yet because I came across the SDHC problems I indicated at the top. [[User:Thewtex|thewtex]] 02:14, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

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