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SHR post-installation script

In the SHR User Manual there are mentioned some modifications that might help you to improve the features of you SHR distribution.

After flashing your Openmoko Freerunner you can do these modification manually like mentioned in the SHR User Manual or

  • modify on your desktop computer according your demands and
  • execute the following script on your Freerunnner.

The selected shell commands of the SHR User Manual are collected in a SHR post-installation so that you can transfer the script to your Freerunner via scp and execute it with sh. Please go through the script and check if the applications to be installed, are the selection that want you really want. If do not understand, what is going on in the script, proceed with the SHR User Manual and select every documented step manually. If you understand the following script, it might save you some time.

Copy and paste the following lines and save them to a file called

 echo "SHR Post Installation Script" 
 echo "============================"
 echo "Version 1 - 11.08.2009"
 # vLANGUAGE="cz"
 echo "SHR-PIS Install Navit - Car Navigation"
 echo "--------------------------------------"
 echo "src navit" > /etc/opkg/navit-feed.conf
 opkg update
 opkg install navit
 opkg install navit-locale-$vLANGUAGE
 mkdir /home/root/.navit
 echo "Navit: Solve libgps problem"
 opkg install libgps17
 ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
 # Already done in version SHR 20090808:
 echo "SHR-PIS Install a Working Alarm Clock"
 echo "-------------------------------------"
 opkg remove -force-depends elementary-alarm
 opkg install ffalarms
 echo "SHR-PIS Install Bluetooth Package"
 echo "---------------------------------"
 opkg install obexpush
 mkdir /var/obexpush
 echo "SHR-PIS Install PIM Apps: Tasks and Dates"
 echo "-----------------------------------------"
 opkg install dates tasks
 opkg install python-misc python-netclient python-netserver python-pycairo python-pygobject python-pygtk python-sqlite3
 mkdir /media/card/pim
 ln -s /media/card/pim /home/root/pim
 echo "SHR-PIS MokoMaze"
 echo "----------------"
 opkg install mokomaze
 echo ""
# Response on version SHR 20090808:
# -sh: fsoraw: not found
 fsoraw -r Display mokomaze
 echo "SHR-PIS CellHunter"
 echo "------------------"
 opkg install cellhunter

Copy and Execute Script

Copy and paste the code into an editor of your choice (KDE kwrite or vi), save the file to and upload the file to your freerunner. Execute the shell script on you freerunner:

 scp c root@   

Start the shell script on you Freerunner with:

 neo# sh /home/root/

If you want to replace dropbear by openssh you have to start the script from the terminal on your FR and not via SSH, because the installation restarts the SSH daemon and the script will stop, if you start the script via SSH on your Freerunner from your desktop computer.