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  #start processing screen events
  #start processing screen events
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Python is a programming language which is applicable to scripting phone functionalities and graphical user interfaces. Currently, at least SettingsGUI, SMSTool and MokoMenu use it. There is also Python ncurses for character user interfaces. Manually using Bluetooth is partially based on using Python.



Source packages for Python contained in OpenEmbedded include:

python python-pygtk python-pycairo python-pygobject python-dbus

Binary packages for Python are not officially built yet but at least ScaredyCat's repositories provide them:

python-core python-misc python-lang python-subprocess python-threading etc.

Graphical applications need the following binary packages too:

python-pygtk python-pycairo python-pygobject
NOTE: These packages take up a considerable amount of space (several megabytes). Make sure that you have enough free space or install the packages to the media card as explained in package management.


Parts of the OpenMoko platform are not available in python yet, including gconf and evolution data server. python-openmoko is in the works for gsmd access etc. A recipe for PyWebKitGtk is at OpenEmbedded bug #3028.

See also

Simple Example Scripts

Minimal GTK gui

import gtk

#create a (nonvisible) window 
w = gtk.Window()

#create a button (not yet on any window)
b = gtk.Button('Hello')

#put the button on the window

#create a silly callback function
def hello(target):
  print 'Hello world'

#make the button call the callback when pressed
b.connect('clicked', hello)

#make the window display

#start processing screen events
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