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Production Test Introduction

After device finish engineering prototypes stage, hardware engineer will need to provide test specification and pass criteria base on the product specification. Production test also could be treated as a simplified regulatlation test, because it has to fulfill standard of worldwide standard (for example: GSM) of local regulation (for example: Wi-Fi).

The target of production test, is deliver quality products. And production test won't go through all engineering details, because factory have time constriant on each station and production line also has cycle time for efficient for production.

Process flow

  • Major test process
    • PCBA level test: Target of PCBA test is make sure the surface mount quality and the main component works properly
    • Pre-assembly test: Usually a production will include attached modules, and connected with FPC (flexable plastic cable) or connectors, pre-assembly test will test system function with module attached
    • After-assembly test: After assembly is final product test, all major function need to be verified before product shipping.

Fixture Design =

Fixture design base on required test item and test point location.




GTA02 process flow

Surface mount -> Visual inspection -> DM1 download (JTAG) -> GSM firmware download -> GSM test -> DM1 test -> Attach Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/LCM -> DM1.5 (Boot from SD card) -> Housing assembly -> DM2 (Boot from SD card)-> QA -> Packaging -> QA -> Release

Device Module Test 1 (DM1)

DM1 is target for verify main chip component's basic function and surface mount quality. GTA02 integrate DM1 test functions into u-boot, and using the debug board JTAG interface download production u-boot to target board.

  • HDQ : Read HDQ via barrety connector
  • USB host power : Provide 5v USB host power
  • Accelerometer : Check SPI and interrupt behavior
  • NOR flash : Read the NOR ID
  • Charging : Input USB power and check PMU charging current
  • Power/Aux key : Check Button mechanical
  • GPS C/N : Check the signal/noise ratio of GPS
  • Backup battery : Backup battery for PMU's RTC
  • Battery voltage : Read PMU battery voltage
  • LED : Full color of LED
  • GSM : CPU communicate with GSM module
  • GPU - SMedia : Chip self check
  • Vibrator : Check the vibrator path
  • Earphone (Audio path) : Audio codec path

Device Module Test 1.5 (DM1.5)

  • LCM: Bad pixel/color test
  • Bluetooth: Scan function test
  • Accelerometer: Position with bias range
  • GSM: Read GSM firmware version
  • Wi-Fi: Read MAC address
  • Audio: Test audio paths
    • wave to reciver (close to ear)
    • wave to speaker
    • earphone mic to speaker
    • mic to earphone receiver
  • PMU
    • Read battery voltage via PMU
    • Read battery via HDQ line
  • Suspend: Test system suspend current while GSM is on.

Device Module Test 2 (DM2)

Production flaw