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Paroli Screenshot


What is Paroli

Paroli a phone application for the Openmoko phones, that can be used for ....


Originally it was planned to be released with Om2009 distribution but as OM2009 developement slowed down, Paroli was also compiled for SHR

Paroli is based on top of the FSO framework and enables the use of it via a core and several services.

For more information please visit Paroli website

If you are interested in helping out with paroli, contribute code or test or or or ... Let us know! Send a mail to Mirko and/or visit #paroli IRC channel!

Important links

Stuff that works

Paroli actually makes FR a simple, very working phone!!

  • ability to turn off PIN check & change pin! (The first distro that does it ?)
  • Connecting to WLAN (with WPA, WPA2, WEP)
  • suspend & resume
  • etc etc

Installation / download

Paroli on SHR unstable

If you want to try and run paroli in SHR unstable RFN. Flash the latest shr-unstable image from

The image from 08-08-09 has a minor problem with opkg. to fix it

opkg-cl update
opkg-cl upgrade

then install paroli

opkg install paroli

Fix the conf files that the paroli installer messes with ( I hope to fix the recipe in the next couple of days. )

cp /etc/old_frameworkd.conf /etc/frameworkd.conf
cp /etc/freesmartphone/oevents/old_rules.yaml /etc/freesmartphone/oevents/rules.yaml

now if you want to disable the shr phone apps without removing them comment all of the lines out in

/etc/X11/Xsession.d/89notifier and /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80ophonekitd

if you want the bind-home to ease upgrades add this line to fstab.

/media/card/bind-home   /home/root     none        bind                   0  0

You should now have a functional paroli on SHR setup. Once you have a working setup it might be better not to run opkg upgrades but only upgrade specific packages when needed.

Paroli on OM2009

To install the Om2009 distribution download the uImage and fso-paroli-image from

Only the package

In order to get the package from unstable you'll need to adjust the configuration of opkg:

echo src/gz openmoko-unstable-armv4t > /etc/opkg/om-unstable.conf

Then do an opkg-update and opkg install paroli.

This should get you the newest version.


Download paroli from

or from

Getting the sources

git clone


What's in the main menu?

  • Call-Log is the phone log. It'll show your dialled, answered and missed calls.
    • To SMS a contact from Call-Log slide the number to the right to expose "Msg"; push this button to compose a new message.
  • SMS is the place to send & read messages
    • Slide existing SMS to the right to expose Re: to Reply.
  • Dialer is the dialer
  • People is the phone book
    • To call someone, enter the People list, click on the contact, and click on the number displayed
    • To SMS someone, enter the People list, and slide the contact's name to the right. A "Msg" button will be exposed, which you can press to start a text message.

What's beyond the main menu?

Check "how do I change the theme" below. By default, the display is set to 'paroli' which gives Paroli a full window, but you can change the theme so that you can access other applications outside Paroli using Illume.

How do I get to settings?

Go to the home-screen (the one with the big clock) and hold the AUX-button pressed for 2 seconds.

How do i get gprs to work?

Simpy click on Status in Settings - gprs, it toggles from unregistered to active.

How do I change the theme (Illume / Paroli / Paroli-serenity)?

Open settings, click on "display" and then hit "profile". This will change the profile to the next: after some rumbling on the screen you will have the new theme activated.

  • paroli = Paroli fullscreen
  • illume = Paroli windowed, Illume bar on top
  • paroli-serenity = Paroli windowed, black Illume bar on top

To change to paroli-serenity on command line, run:

DISPLAY=:0 mdbus org.enlightenment.wm.service /org/enlightenment/wm/RemoteObject org.enlightenment.wm.Profile.Set paroli-serenity

How do I shut it down?

To turn off Paroli, use the Illume top bar: click the bar when running Paroli and click on the red X to shut down Paroli.

To kill it from command line:

pkill paroli

To turn of the whole phone, hold the power button down for 10 seconds. It will not give you a visual feedback, it just starts shutting down.

How do I change the audio profile?

  • When not on call, short pressing of AUX changes between audio profiles (default / silent).
  • When on call, it changes the speaker volume (20-40-60-80-100%). Using level over 80 might cause some echo.

How do I close an application?

When illume or paroli-serenity theme is activated (see above), clicking the top bar will show you 3 icons. The one in the right (the big X) closes the current app.

How to I turn on the keyboards?

In the top up menu, there is is a "qwerty" icon. Same to close it.

Where are the messages folder? Drafts, sent etc.?

The messages will be saved to /home/root/.paroli

How do I lock the screen, without going to suspend?

Sorry, not implemented yet.

How do i set the alarm?

Sorry, not implemented yet.

How do I change the background image?

For a detailed (step-by-step) instruction with example images, please see this page: Change the background image

How do I contribute?

See Paroli section on Om2009 "get active" page.

Is there a way to import my contacts into Paroli's adressbook?

Yes, Ingvaldur Sigurjonsson made a script allowing to import *.vcf files. See vcf2paroli.

Known issues

See wiki page paroli-issues for the list of known issues and vital feature requests.

Bug tracker is available at

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