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Welcome to Openmoko Cambridge!

We had a pub meet 9pm on Wednesday 8th October 2008 in the Cambridge Blue (Gwydir Street), and it was a laugh. If memory serves, five mokos were in evidence, running a whole plethora of OSes.

We had our second in the Granta pub on Friday 30.1.2009. Three mokos were in evidence, all running 2008.12 (one testing, two stable). Several other interested parties came, one specifically to try out a moko, and I believe he was impressed.

There's a (low-volume) mailing list for arranging future ones which can be found at .

Key: Moko.jpg = GTA02 MokoBox.jpg = Debug board See discussion
Name (IRC nick) Skills Interest Location Device owned
Tom Yates UNIX sysadmin User / Tweaker Cambridge FreeRunner (also my wife has one; having two in one house is useful); see current state at Moko.jpg Moko.jpg
Robert Norton Software Engineer (Embedded) User / Tweaker Cambridge FreeRunner Moko.jpg
Tom White C, GTK+, Perl, ARM assembly language, TCL User/Developer Cambridge FreeRunner Moko.jpg
Richard Cooke C/C++, Python User/Developer Thetford FreeRunner Moko.jpg
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