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Om 2009 is the next version of the official Openmoko distribution. It is currently under development and should be released in June 2009 to replace Om 2008. It will be based on milestone 5.5 framework.


The latest images are under testing.

Updating to the latest uboot or qi is also recommended.



Download fso-paroli-image from fso-paroli-image.
Download uImage.bin from uImage.bin.
Download qi.udfu from qi.udfu.

Detailed instructions for flashing the kernel and uboot. Qi instructions are in the Qi installation wiki.

The image will boot fullscreen into Paroli and all of the features below will be available

Neo 1973

There are some rootfs tarballs for installing onto an SD card. These have a couple of issues.

1) the battery driver is still not working correctly so the image will shutdown immediately. Remove the rule below from /etc/freesmartphone/oevetsd/rules.yaml

   trigger: PowerStatus()
   filters: HasAttr(status, "empty")
   actions: Command('poweroff')

2) The g_ether driver is not getting loaded at boot so an entry needs to be added to the /etc/modules file.

The image will boot fullscreen into Paroli and all of the features below will be available


Currently Om 2009 is starting its beta phase. Testing builds will be generated into the testing disto.

The progress of FSO development is documented regularly in the Status updates at OpenmokoFramework. For the Om 2009 release plan see [1].

This page will be updated to reflect the status of Om 2009

Features Status

Below is the feature list for Om 2009. It's broken down into features that have been implemented and need testing, and features that still need to be finished


phone calls incoming and outgoing
sms incoming and outgoing
simple phone book (no images)
call log
suspend and resume
alarm clock
resume speed < 2 seconds - this is close but waiting on a kernel bug
battery indicator - works for gta02 battery
gsm indicator
switch to elementary
scrolling in UI - fixed by migrating from etk to elementary
switching profiles
in-call volume adjustment

Not Yet Implemented or Broken

boot time < 2 minutes - currently examining ways to speed this up
screen lock
battery indicator - doesn't work for gta01 battery
gprs & edge - works from the command line
user changeable ring tones - works via command line
bluetooth - support in FSO milestone 5.5, needs GUI
wifi - works from the command line, kernels bugs still present
led indication for missed calls or sms
settings tool (feature phone settings as well as advanced functions)

Bug List and Known Issues

gsm0710muxd: "Modem does not respond to AT commands" OM 2257
illume: exit dialog is only 1 pixel wide


The get persistent logs to a file the a few things need to be changed.
The logging output needs to be set to DEBUG and sent to a file. Edit /etc/frameworkd.conf and change

version = 1
log_level = INFO
log_to = syslog


version = 1
log_level = DEBUG
log_to = file
log_destination = /var/log/frameworkd.log

Now to have persistent logs, ones that remain after a reboot, the /var/log symlink needs to be turned into a directory

rm /var/log
mkdir /var/log

Your log files should now be full of information and remain there after a reboot.