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Locations (codenamed Splinter) is a UI application within the Diversity project. Locations uses OpenStreetMap allowing users to browse maps and manage saved locations called Tags.

Om locations4.png


In addition to downloading map images from the OSM server, Locations also supports local maps, which can be downloaded through the Installer. You can also create your own maps if your city is not available. For more information, refer to the Create Offline Maps section below.


Use the MAP view to manage Tags with options to save, edit or send. MAP view also allows users to browse maps with zoom in and zoom out for accurate locating. If you get lost while browsing, simply tap the REFRESH button to return to your current position. It's that easy.


LIST view is a a centralized place to view all of your Tags. The LIST view is a combination of your own saved Tags and Tags received by friends. Selecting a Tag takes you to the exact position of the Tag in the MAP view.

Save & Send Tags

Once you are connected to GPS, saving and sending tags to friends is fun and simple.

  • Save a Tag
  1. Press the touch me bubble that hovers above your current position.
  2. After the message box appears, tap directly into the text boxes under Edit Title and Edit Messages to add your Tag title or message.
  3. After entering your title or message, press SAVE, at which point your newly created Tag will appear in bot MAP and LIST views.
  4. In the MAP view, tapping on the text of your Tag provides further options to edit or send your your Tag to a friend.
  • Send a Tag
  1. In the MAP view, tap on the text of your Tag, launching the edit * send bubble.
  2. Pressing on send will launch the Send a Tag message box
  3. Tap directly within the text boxes to edit your Tag before sending, or press Send and your Tag will be on its way.


Locations is a UI application, communicating with the diversity-daemon dbus interface to get all the data it needs. What Locations does and shows is based on and through diversity-daemon, like tag management, sharing, map downloading and GPS status.


Locations uses the EFL library to implement UI. Synced with diversity-daemon, Locations has objects, world and viewport concepts. There is a dbus wrapper layer for the diversity-daemon. In the UI, we have widgets like dialogs, menus, different objects like tags, map tilesets, etc.

In control part, we have a nav object for controlling the navigation, showing the tileset.

Create Offline Maps

Locations comes with a tool called om-locations-map-pack. It can be used to pack tile images downloaded from OSM server into a map package:

om-locations-map-pack /tmp/diversity-maps my_map.eet

Place my_map.eet in either of the directories


and Locations will find it automatically.

Share Maps

To share maps for other Neo users to install, see directions on how to * Add a package to Openmoko Repository

Install Maps

To install maps from Installer.


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