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This is a list of planned features for the April Software Update. The deadline for adding entries to this page has already passed. Any features which are not mentioned on this page must be rescheduled for later versions.

Please ensure that any entries you have on this page are kept up to date with respect to their status (todo, in-progress, testing or done).


  • TODO => not started yet
  • IN PROGRESS => started, but not completed yet
  • TESTING => finished, but needs testing
  • DONE => completed

Change to FeatureTodo / FeatureInProgress / FeatureTesting / FeatureDone to reflect the changes.

ONLY the Testing Team should change to Done !

Status Project name Description Contact
DONE Installer ‭timeout packagekit <Tick>

DONE Installer send correct signal when download fails <Thomas>

DONE Installer refresh sources automatically <Tick>

DONE Installer display error message when package installation fails <Tick>

TESTING Installer Auto refresh and retry once when packages conflict <Tick>

DONE Installer Instead‭ ‬show alert when connection fails <Tick>

IN PROGRESS Network manager connect front end and back end <Marek>

IN PROGRESS Network manager python x event to pop-up keyboard‭ <Marek>

TODO Network manager WEP testing <Allen>

TESTING OPKG add package size <Graeme>

TODO OPKG rename ipkg-utils to opkg-utils‭ <‬Graeme>

TODO Illume Alerts create qtopia theme to match the e theme <Holger>

TESTING Suspend‭ ‬/‭ ‬Resume suspend / resume via POWER button <Raster>

TODO Graphic Design generate application icons <Will>

TODO Graphic Design adjust pixel designs in assassin UI <Will>

TODO Boot Splash‭ start boot splash image upon booting‭ <Matt>

IN PROGRESS System Level add aux key light indication during battery charging <Andy>

TESTING Boot Splash‭ implement boot splash process as per flash demo <Raster>

TODO Keyboard back-end interface changes for subsystems <Raster>

TESTING Keyboard make keyboard pop-up on focus <Holger>

IN PROGRESS Keyboard implement qtopia keyboard backend interface <Holger>

TODO Keyboard make word selection menu as per qtopia keyboard <Raster>

TODO Keyboard polish keyboard layout <Raster>

TESTING Splinter highlight and un-highlight menu bar at press & release only <Jeremy>

TESTING Splinter change blank tags to say 'No Title' <Jeremy>

TESTING Splinter fill screen by default with no grey areas <Jeremy>

TESTING Splinter limit tag titles to 2 lines, 20 letters/line, 40 total <Jeremy>

TESTING Splinter show tag titles after selecting through list <Jeremy>

IN PROGRESS Splinter remove view tag bar in list view and show 'view tags' only <Jeremy>

IN PROGRESS Splinter implement contact selection for keyboard <Jeremy>

IN PROGRESS Splinter adjust design per flash demo spec <Will>

IN PROGRESS Splinter adjust red location flash timing <Jeremy>

TODO Splinter create default map packages to be installed through assassin <OLV>

TODO Splinter get new icon for zoom in/out <Will>

TESTING Settings implement Backlight <Marek>

TESTING Settings implement Suspend <Marek>

TESTING Settings implement Profiles <Marek>

TESTING Settings provide interface for illuminous settings needed in exposure <Raster>

TESTING Settings provide interface for qtopia Profile settings <Holger>

TESTING Settings add system info to settings list <Julian>

TESTING Settings add qtopia clock to exposure list <Marek>

IN PROGRESS Settings implement WiFi front end per flash demo spec <Marek>

IN PROGRESS Settings adjust pixel designs as per flash demo <Marek>

TESTING Settings make green bar flash only during press & release <Raster>

TESTING Distro show only default packages in illume <Holger>

TESTING Installer‭ communication <Julian>

TESTING Installer‭ development <Julian>

TESTING Installer‭ games <Julian>

TESTING Installer‭ maps <Julian>

TESTING Installer‭ miscellaneous <Julian>

TODO Illume remove e configuation from ASU <Raster>

TESTING Illume remove scroll bar within illume <Raster>

TODO Illume remove enlightenment icon in top bar <Raster>

TESTING Illume remove usb icon in top bar <Raster>

IN PROGRESS Illume update gadget icons <Will>

TESTING Illume set time through qtopia shows in illume top bar <Holger>

TESTING Illume redraw gadget icons as per flash demo spec <Raster>

TODO Audio‭ improve overall audio quality of phone calls <‬Matt>

TODO Audio‭ remove nasty sounds when receiving qtopia alerts <Holger>

IN PROGRESS IT Repository create community repository <Gismo>

TODO IT Repository create script to check if packages are buildable to place in repo <Gismo>

IN PROGRESS Distro update branch to latest packages‭ <‬Julian>

TESTING Distro place system info in rootfs <Julian>

TODO Qtopia Fixup packaging in OpenEmbedded (html help files) <Holger>

TESTING Qtopia Fixup the timezone handling. Make Qtopia use the system timezone <Holger>

TESTING Qtopia Show active calls <Holger>

TODO Qtopia Sync/Fix races in the phone libraries and callscreen <Holger>

TESTING Qtopia Go through the dialogs of qpe and make use QtopiaApplication::execDialog to get the atom hint set <Holger>

IN PROGRESS Qtopia disable more stuff from Qtopia <Holger>

TODO Qtopia Sometimes the soft menu does not get updated Playing the ringtone is "slow" <Holger>

Next Release

Following features are to be added in the next scheduled release.

Project name Description Contact
Installer Check if internet is available, don't wait for timeout Tick
Installer DBus crashes - DBus stability issue Tick
Network Manage WPA adhoc - manual IP configuration Tick
OPKG add openmoko security package check Julian
Qtopia add alert for voice mail Holger
Splinter improve map navigation scrolling speed dramatically Olv
Settings implement Sound Effects Marek
Settings add call networks to exposure Marek
Settings add profiles to exposure Marek
Distro add terminal package with keyboard Julian