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Om 2008

Om 2008.8 is one of the many distributions that currently work on the Openmoko phones. You can compare a distribution with an Operating System on normal computers. It gives the phone all the software needed for operating. For more information about the different flavors, see distributions.


Om 2008.8 is the successor to Om 2007.2 and had ASU as a codename. It will be launched on August 08, 2008. Om 2008.8 uses EFL for the launcher, custom UI applications and Qtopia on X11 for telephony. It is the first step from GTK+ on x11 to using multiple toolkits in combination. Om 2008.8 now supports EFL, Qtopia and GTK+ applications.

To see how it all got started go to Om 2008.8 Feature Plan.

Om2008 uboot.png
Om2008 home.png
Om2008 installer1.png
Om locations4.png

What's New

Om 2008.8 was designed to be empty, for the very purpose of showcasing your ideas.

Think of our products as galleries. We're building the environment. Each one different from the next. You'll get all the free art supplies you could imagine because we want you to add your own meaning. You choose: consume, create, or both.

Either way you create your own meaning. It's about you.


Om 2008.8 allows you to customize your Neo in many aspects.

  • Use the Installer to find apps and modifications for your Neo.
  • Re-design themes by customizing your own Edje files.
  • Source Codes are publicly available, allowing for customization all the way down to low level sytems.


you can use Locations to save your favorite spots and even send it to friends via sms. How cool is that?!
share your ideas with the world by adding packages to the Community Repository. It is a great database for all things openmoko and can easily be accessed by any user through the Installer.


Download Om 2008.8


Known Issues

Last updated on August 8th, 2008



Audio quality

System Software