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Om 2007.2
Om 2008.8 is the successor of Om 2007.2

(Other distributions)

This is a part of the applications that run on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, goto Applications


This page describes the set of core applications currently included in Openmoko. Additional/Community Apps listed here is limited to popular apps under consideration for inclusion into the core.

Additional apps are also accessible from the Terminal. These will not be included here. This list is aimed toward apps included in the GUI and Basic Use. If an app gets a gui & is added to Launch Tasks, then it can be added here.

Community applications may be found on the Wish List, Openmoko Featured Apps, and on

If interested in core applications planned for future development see Application Roadmap

Core Applications

List / Description

Home Applications

  • Home / Clock
  • Dialer: Telephone Calls
  • Contacts: Address Book
  • Today
  • Launch Tasks: PIM/App/Game/Utility Menu
  • Running Tasks: Switch to or close running tasks
  • Keyboard: Open/Close virtual keyboard. Also opens automatically from widgets requiring input

PIM Suite

All are currently included under Applications


  • Application Manager: Update, install and remove applications
  • Calculator: Perform Simple Calculations (also a PIM app)
  • Contacts: Address Book (also a PIM app)
  • Dates: Calendar (also a PIM app)
  • Dialer: Telephone Calls (also a PIM app)
  • Feed Reader: Read From Your Favorite RSS Feed (also a PIM app)
  • Media Player: Enjoy music and movies
  • Take Screenshot: Save a screenshot or upload it to h...
  • Tasks: What you need to do (also a PIM app)
  • Terminal: Command Line Interface Terminal
  • Web Browser: Conquer the net (also a PIM app)


Over 20 games including Sudoku and Mines. Most are puzzle games of some form.

see User's_Manual/Games for details



Screen Shots

System boot.png
Power On
Home / Clock
Contacts: Main
Contacts: Info
Contacts: Edit
Contacts: History
Contacts: Groups
Media Player
Launch Tasks
Running Tasks
Dialer History

Additional/Community Applications

Only a few applications that appear to be under consideration for addition to the core apps will be listed here. Not finished Openmoko Community Applications may be found on the Wish List and on

Screen Shots

DisplayLocker MokoClassic.png
Display Locker: Classic Orange
Moko classic blue.png
Display Locker: Classic Blue
Display Locker: Puzzle
Display Locker: Choice