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#REDIRECT [[GTA01:Neo_1973]]
[[Image:FIC-neo1973 small.jpg|120px|left]]
The '''Neo 1973''' is the first phone designed to run [[Openmoko]].
It is a phone that can be used with any [[GSM]] operator, and it is manufactured by [[FIC]] who instigated the [[Openmoko]] project.
If you just received a Neo 1973 here are some suggestions for [[Getting_Started_with_your_Neo 1973 | getting started]].
[[Neo 1973 hardware]] and [[Disassembling Neo 1973]] have more information on the hardware.
See [[Openmoko]], [[OpenmokoFramework]], [[MokoMakefile]] and [[Development resources]] for more information about source code.
See [[FAQ]] for other Frequently Asked Questions.
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