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FIC-neo1973 small.jpg

The Neo1973 is the first phone designed to run OpenMoko. It is manufactured by FIC who instigated the OpenMoko project.

Neo1973 Hardware and Disassembling Neo1973 have more information on the hardware.

See OpenMoko, OpenMokoFramework, MokoMakefile and Development resources for more information about source code.

See FAQ for other Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Phase 0: 36 developers have received their devices. [1]
  • Phase 1: Mid to late April is the likely Official Developer Launch date (see below). Join the announce mailing list to be notified when it's available.
    • We have some stability issues that could be hardware and could be software. This is one of those areas that could be resolved quickly or could require another hardware spin. The OpenMoko Team at 2007-04-02.
    • As of April 2, the first V4 board are under testing. There are not yet volumes of V4 boards. Absolute earliest volume shipping will happen as soon as possible after it is made shure everythin works as expected.*** -- roh
    • In an interview on the German CCC express radio, Harald mentioned first week of April as a likely date for Phase 1 [2]
    • Two weeks before the first phase-1 devices are to be shipped by Mickey at 2007-03-24. This would be end of the first week of April.
    • Once goes online, there will be a possibility to pre-order the Neo1973.[3]
    • Order the Neo1973 direct from for US$350 plus shipping. Sales and orders will be worldwide. We are specifically targeting open source community developers.
    • There also will be shipping from EU.[4] [5]
    • At this time the phone will be a working touchscreen phone, but little more. It depends on you and the rest of the community to polish it into a fully usable device.
    • FIC can make as many phones as developers can buy. There might be 6 week delay at most if estimate is wrong. [6]
    • A few weeks after this, announcements will be made of the roadmap to future devices.
  • Phase 1+: Details of this hardware refresh around June [7] (relevant slide visible here too) will be made available at the same time as the announcement of phase 1 availability.[8]
    • The hardware will update with a faster CPU and "something else everyone has been asking for". (Said at 30:20 in the FOSDEM video.) Which is presumably either a camera or wifi.
    • The thing we can promise at this point is a faster CPU. We're still working on the WiFi stuff.[9]
    • Help is needed in finding WiFi Chipset with GPL'ed drivers that is suitable for mobile phones.
    • WiFi: The choice seems to have boiled down to designs around Atheros AR6K or Marvell 8686. [10]
    • There will be no changes in housing. [11]
    • It will probably include an upgrade to 1GB on-board flash. [12]
    • There will be discount for those that bought Phase 1 device. More info will be available before we start selling phase 1 phones. [13] [14]
  • Phase 2: September 11, Mass Market Sale. [15]
    • Online sales will continue.
    • We will also be available in a retail stores and from selected carriers around the world.
    • At this point, we hope your Mom and Dad will want to buy a Neo1973, too.
  • The 2nd generation OpenMoko device will be introduced at this time. We have something special in the works, but again, you will help shape this device.