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Mokopedia running on Openmoko
TODO: Support this project by adding ideas and comments to the discussion page and edit this article (See: To-Do List)

Mokopedia makes wikipedia accessible on your openmoko phone even without being online because all articles will reside in a compressed filesystem (squashFS) on your SD Card.

You will have to install lighttpd to access a local perl cgi script with the web browser of your choice. This script will offer you a text box to easily search your stored articles.

Feature Ideas

Please feel free to add anything that comes to your mind.

  • it will have no pictures - not enough room on any storage media
  • tex forumlas could be generated with a local LaTeX install but this may be too big for the phone
  • all wikipedia versions except the english one will fit on a 1GB SDCard (tested with the second largest wikipedia (german)) - compressability tests with en-wiki in progress
  • support for stripped down wikipedia versions (100MB, 500MB)

Development Status

You can download the current code at

You can view a little demo here:


On the target (NEO)

  • lighttpd
  • changes in /etc/lighttpd.conf
enable server-module "mod_cgi", "mod_rewrite", "mod_redirect", "mod_access"
#### CGI module
cgi.assign                  = ( ".pl"  => "/usr/bin/perl",
                                ".py"  => "/usr/bin/python",
                                ".cgi" => "/usr/bin/perl" )
#### url handling modules (rewrite, redirect, access)
url.rewrite-once        = ( "^/wiki/(.*)"      => "/wiki/$1" )
  • python-core
  • squashfs-tools (optional)
  • kernel-module-squashfs
  • kernel-module-loop
  • Web Browser

On the host

To build the squashFS image on your PC instead of downloading ready-to-use-images you additionally need mksquashfs-tools


A big thank to the following people:

  • kahuna for bringing me back to the idea of mokopedia as served html to a browser of your choice
  • fgau for trying out everything I wrote on his neo
  • thomasg for suggesting the use of a compressed file system
  • Marcel_M for his great repository with squashfs and loop kernel modules
  • everyone on #neo1973-germany

All you guys helped me a lot!!