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TODO: Support this project by adding ideas and comments to the discussion page and edit this article (See: To-Do List)

Mokopedia intends to make wikipedia accessible on your phone even without being online because all articles will reside bzipped on an SD Card. It's now rewritten in python and uses pythons gtkhtml2 binding (not available yet on openmoko - fgau is working on it) and bzip2 binding to do everything the former version in c did. Please submit more feature ideas!

Feature Ideas

Please feel free to add anything that comes to your mind.

  • show articles depending on location (GPS)
  • list with
    • recently viewed articles (history)
    • most viewed articles
  • search articles "as you type" (benchmarks on a neo with searching in large text files proove such things to be impossible due to processor slowness)
  • it will have no pictures - not enough room on any storage media
  • tex forumlas could be generated with a local LaTeX install but this may be too big for the phone
  • all wikipedia versions except the english one will fit on a 1GB SDCard (tested with the second largest wikipedia (german)) - compressability tests with en-wiki in progress
  • all articles will be bzipt in seperate files - 7zip/lzma only performs better than bzip with really big files due to it's dictionary and it's also much slower and eats much more memory
  • new wikipedia versions can be obtained from here [1] and can then be optimzed with a perl script I wrote
  • option for varying the text size
  • settings dialog
    • set articles location
  • forward/back buttons
  • bookmarks
  • support for stripped down wikipedia versions (100MB, 500MB) with only the most viewed articles for users with storage restrictions
    • if an article is not available locally - ask the user if it should download it form the web
  • Scan SMS and emails for keywords of current events (extracted from a news feed) or foreign words and automagically crossreference them to the respective article of the offline wikipedia.

Development Status

  • UTF-8 capable article viewer
  • read bzip2 compressed articles

You can obtain the current version of the little mokopedia python script on The article which is shown is hardcoded. The demo article is an optimzed version of "Alexander the Great