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MokoForesight is an independent hardware lab inside Openmoko to scout, analyze, and write proof-of-concept drivers for new open source chips/modules. It will accept tasks from Openmoko product teams or from the community, and maintain its own priorities.

MokoForesight 1.jpg


  • Matt Hsu (Software)
  • Shawn Lin (Hardware)


  • R&S CMU 200 x 3
  • R&S Audio Analyzer
  • R&S Vector Signal Generator SMU200A
  • R&S FSP Spectrum Analyzer
  • Tektronix TDS 7254 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
  • Anechoic Test Chamber
  • Agilent E5071B Network Analyzer
  • Agilent E4440A Spectrum Analyzer
  • HP 16702A Logic Analysis System

Current Tasks

  • Telit 3G MODEM Research (Shawn) ONGOING
    • Waiting for EVB circuit design (Shawn)
  • GTA03EVB Hardware Verification (Matt & Shawn) ONGOING
    • Started when GTA03EVB is in office (AUG.11.2008)
    • Port kboot to GTA03EVB (Matt) ONGOING
    • voltage, power consumption, RF characteristics (finished by end of AUG.22.2008)
      • Siemens MC 75i EDGE MODEM (Done Aug.18.2008)
      • u-blox 5 Antaris GPS (Done Aug.12.2008)
      • CSR BT
      • Accton/Atheros AR6001 Wi-Fi module
  • Implement touchpanel driver for GTA03 (Matt) NOT STARTED
  • Implement LCD driver for GTA03 (Matt) NOT STARTED
  • GPS: Ublox5 & AGPS (On-line and Off-line Mode) (Shawn & Matt) NOT STARTED
  • Implement Camera driver for GTA03 (Matt) NOT STARTED
  • Hardware Verification of BT module with new firmware (Matt & Shawn) NOT STARTED
  • Marvell8686 WiFi module (Matt & Shawn) NOT STARTED
  • U-boot porting to GTA03EVB (Matt) Done
    • The core can run at 533 MHz with 133MHz SDRAM (Done Aug.12.2008)

Chip Scouting

Wireless Peripheral

Chip/Module Freedom Requirements Bussiness Requirements Technical Requirements Specs
SIMCOM5210 All docs can be opened under the letter of authorization Aug 8.13 Teenie says it's OK. Good (Shawn Aug.7.2008) [1]
WiFi and BT Combo Module (AR6002+BC6) Not Checked Not Checked Good (Shawn Aug.7.2008) [2]WIFI[3]Bluetooth
Wavecom WMP100 AT docs open, ability to program new AT commands for everyone with a "free"(ly available) SDK. Order quantity? Component is fine, but only supports Class10 GPRS unfortunately (Shawn Aug.11.2008) No idea, see (sort of)
Wavecom Q26 Ultra same as wmp100 Order quantity? GPRS cl10, EDGE cl10, WCDMA, but thick (40x32x6.55mm) No idea, see wavecom's website
UC864 (3.5G modem) Detailed documentation on Web. Can get even for more documentation from reseller. Any Qty is good. Price depends strongly on the qty. First impression is good. UC864G includes all known bands and GPS receiver (saves more space & complications) UMTS/HSDPA
TI Wilink series (WLAN & BT coexistence) NA NA NA NA
TI BluLink series (BT) NA NA NA NA
Broadcom BCM4325 (WLAN+BT+FM) NA NA Good (Shawn Aug 13) [4]
Telit UC86 (Global-version) AT docs open, ability to program new AT commands, provide python interpreter engine NA Waiting for evualation board circuit design NA
NXP PN532 (NFC Solution) No, Waiting for answer NA NA NA
NXP BGT215 and BGT216 (DVB-H) NA NA NA [5]
Broadcom BCM2940 (DVB-H&T) NA NA Small chip dimension and highly integration [6]
CSR Unifi UF1052 (WIFI) NA NA NA [7]
Ralink RT2800 series (WIFI) NA NA NA Only have PCIe & USB interface. See Ralink's website
Airoha AL223X series (WIFI) NA NA NA See Airoha's website

Application Processor&MCU

Chip/Module Freedom Requirements Bussiness Requirements Technical Requirements Specs
STM32F103 (MPU) Full documentation appears to be on Web  ? Looks promising, see here for feature wish list. STM32 (CORTEX M3)
NXP Nexperia system solution 9100 The introduction indicates it runs open OS NA Highly integration solution [8]
Freescale i.MX Products Full documentation appears to be on Web  ? Looks good i.MX
ATMEL AT91RM9200 Full documentation appears to be on Web  ? Provide Free BSP for Linux development AT91RM9200
Via mobile ITX Official presentation of platform expected on Wednesday.  ?  ?


Chip/Module Freedom Requirements Bussiness Requirements Technical Requirements Specs
Audience A1010 No, waiting for answer(Aug.12.2008) NA NA [9]


Foresight Mission

Disassembly Report

Test Report