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Installazione del web browser Minimo

Minimo è un web browser basato su Mozilla. Ha un supporto integrale al AJAX e possiede altri vantaggi. Attualmente OpenMoko non include Minimo. Qui sono riportate le istruzioni per far funzionare Minimo con Xephyr e come usare altri software di terze parti.

Setup build environment

If you have build your OpenMoko using MokoMakefile some of these steps might not be familiar to you.

Assume your OpenMoko root is at ~/workspace/moko

First setup build environment variables:

moo@hacker:~/workspace/moko/build$ . ../setup-env 

Then checkout minimo from OpenEmbedded repository:

moo@hacker:~/workspace/moko/build$ bitbake minimo

Edit local.conf and add minimo to build dependencies list.

MACHINE = "qemux86"
DISTRO = "openmoko"
BUILD_ARCH = "i686"
INHERIT += " devshell"
SRCDATE_eds-dbus = "now"

After local.conf has added new packages, one must refresh bitbake tasks.

bitbake task-base -crebuild

Now, you should be able to rebuild root fs using MokoMakefile.

make openmoko-devel-image

The default OpenMoko distribution lacks /etc/resolv.conf file which is used to configure system DNS look-up. Without this file, failing domain name look-up prevents web browsing. The easiest way to fix is to copy the host system resolv.conf to the rootfs.

moo@hacker:~/workspace/moko$ cp /etc/resolv.conf rootfs/etc/resolv.conf

In chroot'ed environment

Following instructions in Getting OpenMoko working on host with Xephyr to get yourself chroot'ed into OpenMoko environment.

Start Xephyr. You don't need to start OpenMoko session, minimo can run as is.

/ $ minimo