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The analysis of the marketing of OpenMoko freerunner had the following problems:

  • Freerunner was shipped to the user as an experimental device and not as working device for everyday use for 'novice users'.
  • the only widely accepted distribution is QT extended distribution, so the OpenMoko should have a pre-installed QT extended improved distribution.
  • Developers are able to flash the freerunner to any other distrubtion they want to test, ordinary users have problems to do that, so this fact is also indicating that QT extended improved should be the distribution of choice that is pre-installed of the freerunner.
  • the big advantage of the freerunner is the open source concept - using OpenStreetMap in a car navigation system like navit on the device is really a unique selling position for the freerunner. This implies that the freerunner has a car-navigation system pre-installed e.g. 'navit' or 'roadmap' on the device and the wiki of OpenMoko has working tutorial with which an ordinary user can download and upload a map of his/her choice to the freerunner easily.
  • The wiki was not devided in an area for 'novice users' of the device and 'more advanced users' that have experience with linux systems.
  • this leads to maintainance of the wiki that has no working tutorial with which an ordinary user can:
    • synchronize PIM data of kontact, evolution, ... the QT extended improved distribution
    • download maps of choice to a pre-installed car-navigation system on a QT extended improved distribution
    • add new language modules for spanish, italian, ... easily on the device.

Summary: if the shipped device and tutorials on the wiki are not tailored to novice users the sold numbers of freerunner will remain low, which would be bad, because a wonderful approach of the OpenMoko team will die!