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这是逐渐形成的,权威的Neo1973开发资源 -- 运行OpenMoko的GSM+AGPS智能手机。本维基的目的是协作改进和更新此站点上的所有信息。







  • 软件架构
  • 主机端工具
  • 设备软件
    • 底层
      • u-boot - 我们使用的引导装载程序,包括针对我们所做的修改部分的一些文档
      • kernel - 我们使用的Linux内核,包括针对我们所做的修改部分的一些文档
    • 用户空间




  • Shipping Notes - Information to help FIC how to ship products to you
  • My Account - Ideas for what sort of account based services FIC should provide with the phone.


  • Neo1973 and Windows - If you want to commit that offence ;)
  • Press Coverage - 媒体眼中的OpenMoko项目
  • mFAQ - The OpenMoko Misinformation FAQ (mFAQ) - What the press incorrectly says about the OpenMoko project
  • Wish List - A collection of ideas and ideals we'd like to see implemented some day
  • Wish List - Hardware - A collection of ideas we'd like to see in the next Neo release
  • Media Content - What types of media on the device can we use (that is non-software)?
  • Testimonials - How did you get to OpenMoko?
  • Buying Interest List - (Not official and not a pre-order page) Have you have put money aside for Neo1973? Put your nick here.
  • Style Sheet - The correct way to spell OpenMoko and other words
  • iPhone - Apple iPhone和FIC Neo1973的比较
  • Translation - Translation of OpenMoko

FIC / OpenMoko at Events

  • Pingwinaria 2007 - Krynica, Poland - 15-18 March 2007 - Tomasz Zieliński will give a talk about OpenMoko and Marcin Juszkiewicz will talk about OpenEmbedded
  • FOSTEL - Paris, France - 4-5 April 2007 - Sean Moss-Pultz will be there

Past Events

  • FOSDEM - Brussels, Belgium - 23 to 25 Februari 2007
  • ETel - Tuesday, February 27 through Thursday, March 1, 2007, near San Francisco
  • Linux Forum - Copenhagen Denmark. 2.-3. March 2007. Presentation about OpenMoko on Saturday by Martin Hansen and Ole Tange.

Sections by target audience

  • Basic End-user - Information for end users that want basic functionality and no surprises
  • Advanced End-user - Information for advanced end-users that want advanced and experimental functionality but who are not programmers
  • Application Developer - Information for application developers including ideas and specifications for applications, and tools to build them
  • 系统开发人员 - 针对系统开发人员的信息,包括引导装载程序,内核和程序库
  • Hardware Developer - Information for the hardware developer including hardware specs, and debug board