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Openmoko™ Open. Mobile. Free.

Introduction to Openmoko



Openmoko™ born as an Open Source project under GPL and LGPL license and dedicated to delivering an open software stack on mobile platforms, shipped its first product, the Neo 1973, on July 9 2007; and then, turned the project into a start-up company with one aim: create great mobile products using the Openmoko stack: Open. Mobile. Free.

The Openmoko stack, which includes a full X server, allows users and developers to transform mobile hardware platforms into unique products. Our licence gives developers and users freedom from the "iron to the eyeballs," freedom to cosmetically customize their device or radically remix it; change the wallpaper or rebuild the entire house! It grants them the freedom, for example, to transform a phone into a medical device or point of sale device or the freedom to simply install their own favorite software. Beyond freeing the software on our devices we have also released our CAD files under Creative Commons. By freeing the software under GPL, we enable the community of FOSS developers to "make it new." By freeing the CAD files we give industrial designers and engineers this same opportunity.

Openmoko Products



The first Openmoko product, the Neo1973, sold exclusively through Openmoko Online Shop. It sold out in early February 2008.

Openmoko will ship Neo FreeRunner (GTA02), the second generation of Neo in the first half of 2008. Add your nickname to those interested buying the Neo FreeRunner at Buying Interest List. Also, look for a group to buy with at GroupSales for a discount and extra goodies.

Join Openmoko development

Developer Guides Test/Emulation


System Integration and customizing a distribution

Low level / system development

  • Low-Level
  • u-boot -The bootloader we use, including docs to our modifications
  • kernel -The Linux Kernel we use, including docs to our modifications
  • gsmd -the GSM daemon managing the GSM Modem
  • agpsd -the AGPS (Assisted GPS) daemon


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Openmoko community

Anyone can join the Openmoko project and contribute to designing open products. Join us and collaborate through any of the project resources, including this Openmoko Wiki. See the wiki editing helppage for information on making contributions to this wiki.

You can start by using the introduction page, photos, videos and Openmoko Wiki Official Index Page. As always, the usual Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and mailing list pages are helpful.

In News Community & Events

Getting Started


  • You can always download the latest build here.
  • Reviews of the daily snapshot build are here and the recommended kernel and root image from the review will always be available here.

Note that the recommended set is not always the latest, but is the most stable, reliable, and functional.

Community Update

For the latest status updates, see Community Updates

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Getting started with Openmoko Wiki

The Openmoko Wiki is open. Everyone can join. You'll find information including: hardware and software documentation, bug lists, community news of Openmoko and much more. Join our wiki, edit the wiki, contribute valued content, and help others. For the full picture of Openmoko Wiki, please visit the Openmoko Wiki Official Index Page.

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