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lint-wifi is a relatively simplistic application written in PyGTK for the Neo Freerunner. It aims to create a GUI-based method for associating with wireless networks, and provide various bits of connection-related information and control. It is designed to work without a stylus, except when entering passwords (which are normally stored). It is at the moment intended to do nothing unless a button is pushed.

It will be released soon.

Beta Testing

lint-wifi now has a project page[1]. Those who wish to beta test, please go to there and look at [svn]. Please submit all bug reports to the trac there.

svn help

There's also an unofficial [git repo].

kd8ikt says for matchboxk openmoko image *2007.2* (he precompiled wpa_lint)

opkg install python-pygtk  #due to recent opkg host changes pygtk is no longer in the repo's temporarily... hopefully
cd /usr/bin
chmod +x
chmod +x wpa_lint
cd /usr/share/pixmaps/
cd /usr/share/applications/

ps dont forget your /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf


There are several requirements needed to run lint-wifi:

  • PyGTK
  • A valid wpa_supplicant.conf in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf



lint-wifi is broken into pages, each page offering various bits of information or control. Below are the pages, as they exist at version .1A

AP List

Aplist.png (image outdated)

AP List will show APs that can currently be seen. They will initially be ordered by how wpa_supplicant feels are best. Columns include:

  • essid
  • Enc -- Consisting of "WPA", "WEP" and "off"
  • Signal
  • Chan
  • S -- indicating State or Status:
    • C: Connected
    • K: Known/configured (eg, password is stored) and enabled
    • D: Known/configured and disabled
    • -: Unknown
  • Mode -- At present is unused, will indicate Managed/Infrastructure vs Ad-Hoc


  • Scan
  • Edit -- Edits the settings of APs configured or visible
  • Exit


Status.png (image outdated)

The Status page will primarily indicate the configured status of eth0.

The Renew DHCP button can be used to nudge udhcpc into renewing. An "Enable All APs" button enables all that APs set to disabled.



The Conn page shows information related to the associated AP.


Config is at present empty, but will contain various lint-wifi configuration options, such as support for hiding certain columns in the AP List.

A couple other screenshots: (outdated)

Aplist pass.png Aplist disc.png