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Launcher Screenshot

Launcher provides an elegant way of grouping and launching applications. It features events notification too - missed calls and messages at the moment. It also has built in apps for contacts, sms and phonelog.

It is aimed at FSO framework based distributions, mainly SHR. SHR-Launcher and Launcher in this page do refer to the same app.


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Currently (0.39) Launcher has this features:

* Missed call indication
* New SMS indication
* Ability to set own wallpaper
* Categorise applications and see them in categories
* Clock and Date
* Cell broadcast info on home page (see channel no's and select channels)
* Internal apps for SMS, Phonelog and Contacts
* Starting Feedback

Installation / download

opkg install


The toolbar at the bottom can be scrolled to the extreme right to access Category and Configure.
Clicking on Category allows the user to configure :-
 * Set application categories
 * Customize the category names (add, del. rename)
 * Change the sequence of categories in the toolbar
Clicking on configure allows the user to :-
 * use internal apps
 * rescan contact, sms, calls data
 * change date and time display format
 * subscribe to cell broadcast info and toggle showing channel numbers
 * auto reconnect bt headset on resume (HSP/HFP profile) - pairing needs to be done separately and before using this
 * change wallpaper


All icons can be replaced with custom png files in directory /usr/share/launcher. The names are self-evident. Use icons of 80x80 size.

Known issues

  • Launcher crashes on SHR-U when opening SMS (must be sms with more than 160 Chars) the SMS Main view works and shows the correct SMS count Gomez Should be fixed now.
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