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Launcher Screenshot

Launcher provides an elegant way of grouping and launching applications. It features events notification too - missed calls and messages at the moment. It is aimed at FSO framework based distributions, mainly SHR. SHR-Launcher and Launcher in this page do refer to the same app.

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Currently (0.22) Launcher has this features:

* Missed call indication
* New SMS indication
* Ability to set own wallpaper
* Categorise applications and see them in categories
* Clock and Date
* Scroller for the home page
* Set apps to run on missed calls / rx sms icon click
* Starting Feedback

Installation / download

opkg install

Known issues

  • Version of e-libraries create some difficulties as shr-launcher depends on them.
  • Due to new e-libraries in SHR-Unstable is after slider click screen moved off center to the right


c_c - the author of Launcher has recently posted the devel list asking for feedback on future development:

  I started Launcher to see what features / ideas come up for a home page
cum launcher on these phones. Right now launcher only provides the following
 * missed call / new sms notifications
 * category based views of applications

 I was thinking of adding the following features :-
 * notification service (provide icon and 1 line message). Clicking icon /
message opens up app that originated the notification
 * some kind of framework to show widgets (a clock to begin with) - maybe
desklets or something of that nature with applets already available to
choose from. It would be nice to have a web aware framework since that will
allow getting and displaying all sorts of info off the web
  From the feedback I've got, I think perhaps the time has come to
upgrade/add features directly to Illume. The advantages I can think of are:

 * All distributions using enlightenment get the benefits (SHR/OM/FSO base
 * Illume/Enlightenment already supports widgets (battery, clock etc)
 * some features can be added as widgets straight away (sms/missed call
indication for eg)
 * this method will be far more flexible than elementary (used for launcher)
 * benefit from design decisions of a much larger group of developers
(instead of just me)

  But before I start off doing something to Illume with all my limitations -
I thought it best to get the opinions of the community (especially
developers who might be interested in contributing). 
  IIRC, Raster had once written that he was looking at making Illume easier
to manage by breaking it up into three parts - slipshelf, launcher and file
manager(?). That could set the stage for further development on Illume. 
  So - to begin with - I request raster to clarify what the situation is on
ground and maybe set the stage for further progress.
  And, of course, ideas and comments from the community.