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This page is intended to summarize in one place the various images you can try out on your Openmoko Neo FreeRunner (GTA02) or 1973 (GTA01). Note however, that some of these are works in progress and may not have even released any files yet. Nothing is guaranteed to work. Proceed at your own risk.

See Distributions for a chart comparing the features of the various images.

Michael Lauer's blog also has an entry comparing the distributions: GTK, ASU, FSO? TMTLA!

Instructions on flashing your FreeRunner or 1973 are provided at Flashing the Neo FreeRunner and Getting Started with your Neo1973, respectively.

2007.2 GTK Image

The latest most stable release should reside here:

Several videos of this stack by Youtube user freeyourphone and video review by BVB Tech


Users may have heard of "ScaredyCat" images. These are usable images created by Andy Powell and are currently based on the 2007.02 software stack.

i (ozzloy) just tested the 01 labeled rootfs on 02 firmware.  it doesn't work.
Hey, all file names are with "gta01" !
Is this an error and they are gta02 (FR) ??

ASU (April|August Software Update) qtopia-based Image

There has not been a recommended release of the ASU yet. You may wish to review the ASU_Feature_Plan or some screenshots

  • You can download the latest daily builds here:
    • For Neo FreeRunner
      • Look for files of the form: openmoko-qtopia-x11-image-om-gta02.tar.gz
      • and: Openmoko-openmoko-qtopia-x11-image-glibc-ipk-P1-Snapshot-YYYYMMDD-om-gta02.rootfs.tar.gz
    • For Neo 1973 the link is
      • Look for files of the form: openmoko-qtopia-x11-image-om-gta01.tar.gz
      • and: Openmoko-openmoko-qtopia-x11-image-glibc-ipk-P1-Snapshot-YYYYMMDD-om-gta01.rootfs.tar.gz

FSO ( Image

Milestone 1 is here:

Video of FSO Milestone 1

Browse the source:

Learn more at its wiki page: OpenmokoFramework

Qtopia image from images for the

SHR (Stable Hybrid Release) Image

The Stable Hybrid Release (SHR) is intended to be a combination of the FSO, some of the 2007.2 GTK software, and the ASU that provides all of the functionality of the 2007.2 software, but with the stability of the FSO and the new GUI toolkits provided by the ASU. It will probably be based on an ASU build, with the FSO software and GTK end-user apps added.

The SHR doesn't exist anywhere but in a few people's heads at the moment (2008-07-05). Hopefully, all the work in it will be integrated back into one of the other releases, and it will cease to exist. The point is to get us a release with stable calls & suspend/resume, plus access to all those other nifty apps we had on 2007.2 and the ASU.

Learn more at its wiki page: Stable_Hybrid_Release


See Debian.

Copying a jffs2 image to ext2 to boot from microSD

If you want to copy a rootfs jffs2 to a ext2 filesystem on an microSD card, see this.