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[[Image:intone-1.png|150px]] Intone

Elementary based mplayer frontend (for audio files).

Package: intone_0.50_arm.ipk
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Download source:


Intone is an elementary based front end for mplayer written in C.

The recommended way to organise music is to put all the files in a folder (lets say Music), with sub folders named after artists (say Music ->Eagles) and with sub sub folders holding albums (that becomes Music->Eagles->Hell Freezes Over->*.mp3). That way, Intone can correctly organise your music collection into albums. It automatically creates a default playlist containing all songs and individual playlists for each album.


Intone requires and updated version of elementary and libsqlite3. If you have elementary on your phone upgraded to a level where the elementary test application shows you a demo of sliders and genlists, Intone should run on your phone.

To Install

opkg install libsqlite3-0 libelementary0


* based on elementary
* Automatic generation of playlists
* remembers last playlist and song played
* remembers position in a song if shut down with a song paused
* accurate seek position
* restore system alsa state on exit and on pause for incoming call
* Settings page to set bass, treble, ui size, playlist looping and random play
* Album art view toggle. Save the album art image as 'cover.jpg' in the songs directory.
* prevent suspend during playing
* pause on incoming call
* seek-back button now seeks to 0 on the first press
* next press plays the last song 


I have been using this[1] version of mplayer from FSO.

Gen usage details Type CPU Mem| ogg ~53% 3.1%| m4a ~21% 2.7%| mp3 ~8.7% 2.4%|

PaulTT has compiled a version of mplayer with tremor available here[2]. This is better for ogg as below :- Gen usage details Type CPU Mem| ogg ~25.9% 2.7%| m4a ~24.7% 3.1%| mp3 ~7.5% 2.5%|


Of course, Chaitanya Chandel for creating and maintaining this great app! Rasterman for Elementary and for going easy ;-) Treviño for seeking patch, Icon ideas and general e tips. Łukasz Pankowski for the 'remember where paused' feature idea. Yogiz for the loop playlist feature idea. And everybody else who chipped in to tell me what to improve.