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Like Wolfgang said in , Openmoko assembled a team to focus on improving the user experience. The focus and coverage of this group is:

  • We improve the current stack instead of creating new features.
  • Prefer stuffs which could be brought over to gta03 instead of gta02/om2008 specific.
  • Won't work on om2007 stack. Won't do hardware.
  • May cooperate with Paroli, FSO or system team but we're not them.
  • Will work on Qtopia but with lower priority.


Here is the current draft and it will be updated frequently.

  • call quality +1
    • echo (in testing #1267)
    • volume (alsa-state?)
  • Reduce boot time (#69,#1722)
  • Optimize the touch screen driver on freerunner for finger usage.(in testing #2031)
  • A generic python loader to enhance the start up time of python scripts.
  • qtopia
    • bugfix
    • program startup speed
    • response time
  • network
    • scripts: resolv.conf, etc.


  • Reliably make and receive phone calls and SMS messages
  • suspend/resume
    • resume reliably (#1884,#1991)
    • take a screenshot before suspend. display it on screen first thing on resume.
    • do not suspend when usb connected, qtopia indexing, etc.
  • qtopia
    • change the button order of "end call" or "ans call"
    • put speaker button on the dialer app
  • peripherals
  • devices (command line improvement first)
    • GPRS
    • bluetooth
    • wifi userspace
  • misc
    • opkg: faster algorithm

Other Wish list

See Wish list from community