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Import for 2007.2

Basic Information

Neo FreeRunner uses Evolution data server (eds) to save contacts. However, the specific version used differs from what is probably used on your desktop (if you have Evolution installed).

You cannot copy your addressbook.db from your desktop to Neo (bug 1119).

Import and Manage Scripts

If you want to import your old contacts to the Neo you could use this script:

Manage Contacts script mirror

If you first want to remove all existing contacts you could use this script.

remove all script

If you have all contacts in seperate vcf files and just want to import all at once:

Simple script

Simple script for one big contactsfile

(please add a .py after the filename, sorry my hoster gives an error if i link to .py files, even .py.txt)

In the simple scripts you need to add the following lines

ps = os.popen ('ps auxwwwwe | grep -m 1 DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS')
l = ()
r = re.compile ('DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=(\S+)')
m = (l)
a = m.expand ('\\1')
os.environ ['DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS'] = a

Exporting old contacts to VCard format

To use the manage Script you need your Contacts in VCF format.

  1. on nokia phones i used the nokia phone manager (long time ago)
  2. on windows mobile phones you could use active sync to sync with Outlook and then use a Outlook export plugin to export as vcf
  3. on lg phones the backup function to memory card creates one file with multiple VCards.

Exporting from Outlook / ActiveSync to VCF

Doing a quick google I was unable to find a free export plugin for outlook (they all seem to want between $19.95 and $49), so I put together some quick-and-dirty VB code to do it. To use it, Open Outlook, then open the VB editor by pressing ALT-F11, Insert a module, and paste in the following. Change "Z:\Openmoko\contacts" to wherever you want your vcf files saved (should be an existing, empty directory), and press F5 to run it.


Sub ExportContactsToVCF()

    'Cheap and nasty way to export All Contacts to VCF files. 
    'By Dale Maggee, antisol (at) earthling (dot) net

    Dim CN As ContactItem
    Dim NS As NameSpace
    Dim Fld As MAPIFolder    

    Set NS = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
    Set Fld = NS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)     

    For Each CN In Fld.Items
        Debug.Print CN.FullName
        CN.SaveAs "z:\Openmoko\contacts\" & CN.FullName & ".vcf", olVCard
    Next CN

    MsgBox "Done!"

End Sub

voila! you now have multiple VCF files in whatever directory you chose, suitable to be imported by the python script below.


The script is for the 2007.2 Version (default install on Neo FreeRunner), not for Qtopia

You need Python to use this script so do a

opkg install python-dbus

to install python and the python dbus module

Manage Contacts Script

This script needs all contacts in one big file

You also could run this script on a ssh session!

  1. Copy your big contacts file (contacts.txt) to your Neo
  2. Copy script to your Neo
  3. Connect via ssh to your Neo
  4. Fix special chars in your contacts file with you favorite text editor
  5. To import the file run on the SSH shell:
python load < contacts.txt
  1. For a backup your existing contacts on the Neo
python dump > contacts.txt

Simple Script

You must run the script in the OM Terminal, not over ssh

The script does a listdir and imports ALL files it found in that dir. (i'm a bad python programmer)

  1. Copy all vcf files to a separate directory on my freerunner
  2. Copy the ac script to the parent directory also on my freerunner
  3. Have the contacts program running (so you have eds running too)
  4. Go to the terminal on the freerunner and type in the vcf directory: "python ../ac" (root@om-gta02:~/vcf# python ../ac)
    1. Note: You must call the script in the OM terminal not via Bluetooth or USB or you get a dbus error. Using "dbus-launch python ../ac" doesn't work either.
  5. Done :D


  • Make sure you have python and python-dbus installed
  • Make sure you have no illegal chars (utf) in the filename and inside the vcf files. (I had problems with Ü,Ä etc)
    • The characters seem to work if you convert them from =C3=A4 type of format to proper UTF-8, and the vcards also specify UTF-8 charset. you cannot use other charsets besides UTF-8 since they are delivered via DBus which does not allow others.
  • Only vcf files should be in your current directory so do a ../ac.
  • You must call the script in the OM terminal not via Bluetooth or USB. If you do so a dbus error occur


  • Simple script by smurfy - phil <openmoko at>
  • Manage Contacts script by Roland Mas <lolando at>
  • Remove all Contacts script / simple script for one big file by Andreas Dalsgaard <andreas.dalsgaard at>

Thanks to Import_Sim_Contacts for the original Python Script.

Import for ASU/Qtopia

The Qtopia addressbook application supports import of VCF files out of the box:

If you're connected via SSH, run the following command first:

 export DISPLAY=:0

To import your address book from VCard format:

 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/Qtopia/lib /opt/Qtopia/bin/addressbook /home/root/addressbook.vcf

You will be asked if you want to import the contacts form addressbook.vcf (the contact name will be taken from the "N:" vCard field).