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Openmoko have announced a scheme to sell the forthcoming Neo Freerunner at a discount if bought in multiples of 10 (US$369, instead of 399), to be shipped in one package. Group buying will thus save money on the purchase, and on the shipping. This page is to to organise group purchases by region.

For calculating shipping costs, the dimensions of one 10-pack is 435mm x 371mm x 119mm. The weight should be around 3kg.

Steve from Openmoko announced "Every 10 pack, will come with a box of stuff. 10 pouches and 10 head sets." So join us within a local group !




There is a group-buy page at MetaLab, available here: .. we almost have the full 10 slots assigned, and its quite possible that we will order *20* phones, so please register on the Metalab pages and let us know if you're interested ..


Status: 1/10

  • D. Kepplinger (at MetaLab)


Status: 2/10



Group 1: Status: 10/10

Group 2: Status: 4/10



Status 6/10

NO OpenMoko FreeRunner 900/1800 available anymore (on July 3, 2008 at 21h) as needed in Europe. Furthermore, confirmation: From Our sales price is 299 EUR + shipping 15 EUR in Europe = 314 EUR. The idea of "open" is ours. So check our price calculation: if you order the Freerunner from Taiwan, it's 399 USD + 100 USD shipping + c. 90 USD "import taxes" inside Europe. Total 589 USD = c.380 EUR. So it will be cheaper and we Europeans have 2 years of warranty when buying from Pulster, instead of a 14 days(?) for imported goods.

Cancelled for the above reason (and not 10 people reached) * npettiaux Contact me here



Status 4/10

  • XVens, mailto: xavier DOT vens AT gmail DOT com
  • Arno85, mailto: aaron DOT helin AT gmail DOT com, Kortrijk
  • Yvo Brasseur, mailto: yvo_brasseur AT archon DOT be Living in Aarschot, working in Brussels.
  • Kamil Kubacki, mailto: kamil DOT kubacki AT gmail DOT com [or]

ps: Dolfje think it will be cheaper to buy it from Can anyone confirm?

Confirmation: From

Our sales price is 299 EUR. The idea of "open" is ours. So check our price calculation: if you order the Freerunner from Taiwan, it's 399 USD + 100 USD shipping + c. 90 USD "import taxes" inside Europe. Total 589 USD = c.380 EUR.

So it will be cheaper and we Europeans have 2 years of warranty when buying from Pulster, instead of a 14 days(?) for imported goods. You can read all advantages on


Status 11/10

Status 1/10

Perhaps if we have a few more users, we can redistribute the groups geographically?


Walloon Brabant

Status: 1/10

  • Istvan, mailto: buki DOT istvan AT gmail DOT com




Status: 1/10

  • Alexandre Sousa Contact
    • Endereço para entrega: Fortaleza


Status: 1/10

  • Valessio Brito Contact
    • Endereço para entrega: Salvador - Bahia



Status: 5/10

Tenho endereço de entrega para as seguintes cidades:

  • Foz do Iguaçu, PR;
  • Cascavel, PR;
  • Curitiba, PR;
  • São Paulo, SP;

Valor: Aproximadamente USD 4.100,00 (10 aparelhos + frete UPS). Há também o valor do frete para entrega final para quem não for retirar pessoalmente quando chegar.




Status : 8/10


British Columbia

Status : 10/10

  • Dave (Vancouver) Vancouver Linux users group mailto: doc AT skynet REMOVE dot REMOVE ie - organising this group
  • Justin (Vancouver): mailto: stryderjzw AT gmail
  • Robert (Vancouver) - robtaylor <AT> tinsputnik <DOT> com (1 unit)

Group 2

Status: 4?/10

  • Chris (Vancouver) - chris (AT) fourthandvine (DOT) com (1 unit)
  • Ali (Vancouver) - hit2436 (A-T) hotmail (dot) com (1 units)
  • Rob (Vancouver) - rtymensen (at) gmail (DoT) com (1 unit)
  • James (Vancouver) - james (at) greycastle (dot) net (1 unit)


Status : 10/10 (this order has already been placed)


GTA (Toronto)

Status : 10/10

  • Gerald A Contact me here
  • MattC, mailto: quirkz AT gmail
  • Sergey K, openmoko AT deeptown dOt org
  • Daniel Lister, gmail(dan.lister)
  • Ronnie Wong: 3 units - r25wong AT ryerson dOT ca
  • Paul V, contact using gmail, original.roju
  • Matt Manjos, matt (AT) manjos * com
  • Steven O'Reilly, soreilly AT walled DOT net

Group 2 Status (Hamilton): 6/10

  • Gabriel D - ace AT staticwave DOT ca
  • Richard D - rtdegelder -->
  • Steve S - ssinger_pg AT sympatico dot ca
  • Wolfram Kahl - kahl McMaster CA
  • Paul Wouters - 1 units
  • John Hurley - nybble at eml dot cc

Group 3 Status (Montréal): 2/10

  • Patrick Hétu - patrick AT koumbit DOT org
  • Eric Lebel - lebeleri AT aei DOT ca

Shall we start Group 4 (Toronto) ?

  • Michael Mather - firstname.lastname AT

Group 5 Status (Ottawa): 2 / 10

  • Mathieu Charron - mathieu.charron AT (maybe 2 units, one for a friend)



Status : 5/10

  • User:Mankeke Ricardo Manríquez C., mailto: ricardo.manriquez "remove this and add AT" gmail "dot" com
  • User:XKnightmareX Gonzalo Pesenti., mailto: mare.knight1 "remove this and add AT" gmail "dot" com
  • User:Freyes Felipe Reyes., mailto: felipereyes "remove this and add AT" gmail "dot" com
  • User:crsepulv Cristian Sepúlveda, mailto:


  • User:alvherre Álvaro Herrera, mailto: (I'm OK with joining the guys in Santiago)





  • Hong Zhiyi
    1 freerunner
  • Yang Ming
    mailto: at
    1 freerunner.







Status: 5/10


If we do not reach a total large enough, Denmark **is** a very small place - surely we could figure out a way of getting them to find their way 'round the country :)

EU (german) vs. Direct (OpenMoko) discussion

Esben Damgaard has created a Google Group discussion to evaluate which is the optimal:

Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen (contact) has offered to act as invoice hub for group sales from either OpenMoko or Handheld-Linux. Details

Invoice considerations

According to Lone Borre from the rules are different if the buyer is private or a company. If a company buys the phone the invoice must be addressed to the company and the company must be a registered importer. This makes it harder to do a group sale in which 2 of the recipients need an invoice.



Status: 7/10

Should anyone need it, transportation from Aalborg to Thisted for phones can be arranged, if you don't want to pick it up in Aalborg yourself :) ~leinir

As it looks right now, it seems that it would be cheaper and easier for us to buy through Pulster in Germany - see the following email: ~leinir


Status: 1/10

Kent & Lars: As of 5/7: We have ordered 10 units (all in all with Fyn) from Arguments here: The deal is closed.

  • Martin Pedersen - contact me here (1 phone; will join any danish group if necessary)


Status: 1/10


Status: 1/10


Status: 10/10

Peter: As of 5/7: We have ordered 10 units (+5 for Århus) from Arguments here: The deal is closed.



Status: 12/10



Let's see if we can get ten people together for this. I'm willing to organise the local distribution if we can. Spread the word and try to get more locals interested in it. Yogiz 08:22, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

Status 2/10


See also Openmoko Local Groups: Finland, if you're interested.

Possible new order(s)

Status: 4/10 These did not participate in the order(s) shown below.


  • Ilari Oras
    ilari DOT oras AT welho DOT com
  • Jaakko Nissi
    jnissi AT pallokorva DOT org
  • Jerry Jalava
    jerry DOT jalava AT iki DOT fi


  • Jaakko Lehtinen, jaakko dot lehtinen at gmail dot com now sells individual phones at 329€/phone, but 10-packs at 299€/phone.

Already ordered


(Note to gta02v6 waiting people:"The A5 boards have been reworked to remove the [LED] issue. So WRT LEDs a5 and a6 have the same power consumption". So, there is should be no reason to wait for V6. See also Neo FreeRunner GTA02 Hardware#GTA02v6.)

Helsinki I


Status : 10/10

Helsinki II, Turku & Vaasa


Status : 3/10

THIS GROUP OF 4 NEOS HAS BEEN ORDERED (3+1 (lindi) from outside this list) (from

  • Risto H. Kurppa
    risto AT kurppa DOT fi
  • Aapo Rantalainen
    aapo DOT rantalainen AT gmail DOT com
  • Matti Laakso
    matti DOT laakso AT kotiposti DOT net


* Mikko Niemikorpi, mikefulli ÄT gmail PISTE com



Status : 4/10


4kpl tilattuä. Tilaus ei ehtinyt ensimmäiseen erään. Tilaukseen varmaan voi lisätä vielä tavaraa, jos halukkaita löytyy.

Discuss the order here


  • Henri Valta
    henri PISTE valta ÄT kemi PISTE fi
  • Tommi Juvonen
    tassi ÄT mediapumppu PISTE info
  • Jaakko Pörhö
    ensteinfrank ÄT hotmail PISTE com
  • Tuomo Mattila (Oulu)
    tuomom ÄT ee PISTE oulu PISTE fi




Status : 1/10

  • StevenLeRoux
  • Acheteur potentiel #2


Status : 3/10

  • Cédric DUFOUIL (openmoko at tsleg point com)
  • Yves MAHE (ymahe at zindep dot com)
  • Guillaume BERTHELOM (yogui29 at gmail dot com)

Pays de la Loire

La Roche sur Yon

Status : 1/10


Status : 2/10


Ile de france


Status : 21/30

You may also see :



Status : 1/10



Status : 2/10


Status : 4/10

Alpes de Haute Provence


Status : 1/10

Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur

Sophia Antipolis

Status : 4/10



Status: 1/10





  • Spacemarine I'm out. Since the Freerunner is available for 300 Euro in Germany, I don't see any point in organizing a groupbuy anymore. I've sent an email to everyone else interested in the groupbuy. If you are in this list or if I met you on the Kalug Meeting, you should have gotten it.
  • Dr.Nop (Habe mein Telefon jetzt ebenfalls bei Pulster bestellt.)
  • Gollum Pulster doesn't give away the extra goodies, but the price still seems fair -- I'm out, too.
  • Sebastian I'm going to buy at pulsters (299€) => I'm out
  • cfo I think the offer of pulster is fair! => I'm out
  • BlackFog thinks he has to wait for the next Pulster delivery date
  • Adonres I'll buy at pulsters, too => I'm out

Still In:

  • JensB
  • Gromgull (in Kaiserslautern, but Karlsruhe is close enough, and I doubt that I'll find 10 people here.
  • Ebi
  • Fabian
  • Roduit In Heidelberg. Karlsruhe is close enough.


Status 1/10

  • Agon Maybe 1 Freerunner.

  • ZaPPaS Sice the Freerunner is available for a comparable price at [6] I will buy there...


Status 6/10

  • NoBody close to tuebingen and stuttgart (between both)
  • eliasp (3 Freerunner (me, qknight + sbock) - Tübingen downtown
  • nobs thinking about buying one; if I am #10, count me in; if there is someone else #11 you can drop me
  • marjay take also one (Dettingen/Erms)


  • MiTo 299 Euro bei sind ein fairer Preis, kaufe es deshalb dort.


Status: 2/10

  • mzanetti
  • Lord_Evil ich nehm auch eins. Evtl. kann ich mich auch an Augsburg anhängen.



Status 5/10 I just want to see if there are enough people to fill up to ten. So add your name here if you are interested.

  • whoever - Ich nehm eins, wenn die Münchner keines übrig haben.
  • paddy2706 - Ein OpenMoko bitte :)

Wann werden die dann bestellt/gezahlt? Dauert bei mir no kurz bis ichs Geld für zusammen hab aber dann nehm ich eins. MfG MookiE

Hallo, ich würde mich für einen Freerunner interessieren. Wie sieht es mit Zoll aus? Kommt der noch dazu? Murks

  $3690 (10 Freerunner) 
+ $ 160 (Versand lt. Australiern)
+ $ 732 (19% Einfuhrumsatzsteuer)
+ $   0 (kein Zoll für Handys)
$458 / 1,5$/€ = 305 € pro Telefon (als Richtwert)


Momentan Favorisiert: Bestellung bei Pulster

Wenn du bei der Sammelbestellung der Münchner User Group mitmachen möchtest, dann gehe bitte zur Münchner UserGroup Seite!

Hilf mit, eine Münchner UserGroup aufzubauen!

Die alte Liste habe ich entfernt, da suf der User Group Seite eine aktuelle ist. (koebi)



Help to form a Berlin User Group!

Status 20/20



Status 3/10




Status 9-10



Status 1-10



Status 3/10



Status 4/10


Status 4/10


(Fachhochschule in Bocholt)


Stendal (evtl. Magdeburg)

Status 1/10



Status 1/10


Status 1/10


  • Da es das Gerät bei PULSTER für 299€ gibt und man mit einem 10er Paket diesen Preis nicht unterbieten kann, abgesehen davon, dass wir sowieso keine 10 Leute zusammenbekommen, sollte jeder sein Gerät einzeln Bestellen. Lediglich die Versandkosten kann man bei einer 10er Bestellung bei PULSTER sparen, was sich auch nicht lohnt. Die Accessoires muss man bei PULSTER separat bestellen. Ich hoffe, dass das allen genehm ist. --White gecko 22:37, 29 June 2008 (UTC)
  • Da PULSTER den Preis aus 329€ gehoben hat würde sich ein 10er Paket bei PULSTER wieder lohnen, da man so 30€ pro Gerät sparen würde, wie sieht es mit euch aus? Ich habe mal einen Jabber-Gruppen-Chat eingerichtet meldet euch bitte, dass wir bald bestellen können sonst sind wir bei der Lieferung am 25.7. wieder nicht dabei. --White gecko 14:06, 7 July 2008 (UTC)
  • Um unsere Sammelbestellung voran zu treiben habe ich einen Blogeintrag verfasst und Robert hat eine Mailingliste eingerichtet. --White gecko 00:36, 10 July 2008 (UTC)


Status 2/10


Status 1/10


Status 6/10


Good to know:

ordering rules:

  • anyone can add and remove him/herself on the list - new names MUST be _appended_ to the list
  • please use real name and working e-mail address
  • although this list is informative, please extend it _only_ if you are really serious about ordering it
  • coordinator contacts everyone interested prior to actual buying



  1. Ferenc 'Lion' Veres Contact lion kukac netngine pont hu
  2. Laszlo 'rka' Szabo Contact
  3. tg Contact
  4. Árva T. Mihály - lirul [KUKAC] hixsplit [PONT] hu
  5. Nyosigomboc - nyos [KUKAC] nyos [PONT] homelinux [PONT] net
  6. Ludvig Adam - hunludvig [KUKAC] gmail [PONT] com
  7. Dániel 'asd' Vásárhelyi
  8. btamas, Contact
  9. Kovács 'ka87' András, andras [kukac] csevego [pont] net
  10. pcm, pcm [kukac] freemail [pont] hu
  11. Geza Piros, Contact
  12. Áron Preisinger, appa00 [kukac] gmail [pont] com Contact
  13. pierre286, Contact
  14. Hélei Zoltán, heleiz [kukac] gmail
  15. Radics Áron, raron @ vipmail . hu
  16. Laszlo Szomor Contact
  17. tr3w Contact
  18. Ferenc Szomor Contact
  19. Bolyóczki Zsombor, mogorva kukac tuxworx pont hu
  20. Sütő Zoltán, suto dot zoltan at t dash online dot hu
  21. Zsolt Pittmann, pittmann dot zsolt at gmail dot com
  22. KREKACS Laszlo, laszlo {pont} krekacs {pont} list {kukacka} gmail {pont} com
  23. Móker Tamás,Contact
  24. Krisztián Kovács, Contact
  25. Tamas Michalik, Contact
  26. Peter Roosz, Contact
  27. Eduard Iacoboaia, Contact
  28. László Vadász, Contact
  29. Attila Lendvai, Contact
  30. Thomas Otterbein Contact
  31. Beáta Müller Contact



  • yes = I definitely want it (one)
  • N = I want this many (2 for two headsets, for example)
  • yes? = I prefer having one, but it's not a problem if not
  • no = I absolutely don't want to have this item
  •  ? = It is not important for me, either to have or not (use this instead of 'no' at least at the warranty)
group #1 - open !

This group places order at nearest distributor on the cheapest price. You will be contacted before ordering.

your name e-mail address want phone? (yes/N) want case? (yes/yes?/?/no) want headset? (yes/yes?/?/no) prefer 2y warranty? (yes/?) want devboard? (yes/yes?/no)
tg tg x-net hu yes yes? yes yes? yes
Kovács András andras at csevego dot net yes yes yes yes no
KREKÁCS László laszlo.krekacs.list kukac gmail potty com yes yes  ?  ? yes?
Kovács Krisztian kroomagnon at gmail dot com yes yes yes yes no
Preisinger Áron appa00 kukac gmail pont com yes  ?  ? yes yes
Nyos nyos kukac nyos pont homelinux pont net yes yes? yes  ? no
Radics Áron raronkonektor kukac gmail pont com yes yes yes yes? yes
Besenyei Tamas (btamas) tamas besenyei net yes  ? yes  ? no
Ruskó Péter peter kukac rusko pont hu yes yes? yes  ? no
Roósz Péter peter kukac roosz pont hu yes yes yes yes no
Kárpáti László leslie [at] zenevilag [dot] net yes yes? yes yes no
Szabo Laszlo rka kukac rka pont hu yes yes yes yes no
Lendvai Attila attila.lendvai gmail yes yes yes no no
your name e-mail address want phone? want case? want headset? prefer warranty? want devboard?
group #2 - open (ordering at mid-august)!
your name e-mail address want phone? (yes/N) want case? (yes/yes?/?/no) want headset? (yes/yes?/?/no) prefer 2y warranty? (yes/?) want devboard? (yes/yes?/no)
Árva T. Mihály lirul at hixsplit dot hu yes yes yes no no
Hélei Zoltán heleiz [at] gmail [dot] com yes yes 2 yes no
Muller Beata beata [dot] muller [at] gmail [dot] com yes yes yes  ? no
Móker Tamás rwind [at] apacheweb [dot] hu yes yes yes yes no
Piros Geza geza [dot] piros [at] gmail [dot] com yes yes yes yes yes
Otterbein Thomas tommi [at] t-online [dot] hu yes no yes  ? no
tr3w tr3w at freemail yes yes? yes yes? no
Sütő Zoltán suto [dot] zoltan [at] t [dash] online [dot] hu yes yes? yes yes? no
Vadász László laszlo pont vadasz kukac yahoo pont com yes yes yes? yes? yes?
Dániel Vásárhelyi asdmin at yes yes? yes? yes no
your name e-mail address want phone? want case? want headset? prefer warranty? want devboard?


Dániel Vásárhelyi handles transportation to Kecskemét, therefore it is not necessary to collect 10 all pieces here.



Status 1/10


Status 2/10

  • Sameer Mohamed Thahir Contact
  • Pratul Kalia (lut4rp) pratulkalia [at] gmail [dot] com

Mumbai [Bombay]

Status 1/10



To register your interest for the Dublin shipment please post a comment on this blog post and enter your details below.

Status 9/10

DBoard, 1x Spares Pack {2xBatt's and case} => Email Here]


For more informations and to organize groups, visit the

BUT please keep adding your name and email to the list below

If we don't reach the 10 phones limit in each city, maybe we could place an order in the "most requested city", and from shipping to other buyers. We'll have anyway a good discount although the "double-shipping". (Read here for reference).


Firenze (e dintorni)

Status 14/10

Wiki organizzativo



Milano e dintorni

Per l'organizzazione preliminare interagire sul Freerunner Italian Group Sales.

Ad ogni modo, per stabilire le precedenze nella prenotazione, aggiungetevi nella lista qui sotto

Per il primo gruppo d'acquisto già partito: wiki organizzativo

Lista degli interessati

Numero persone interessate: 5

Numero FreeRunner: 5


Torino (and province)

Status 10/10

Per coordinamento Freerunner Italian Group Sales (Torino)

Precedenza è stabilita in base all'ordine di aggiunta nella lista inizale

  • Gruppo 1 (prime persone a fare l'ordine):

1 x Claudio Carnino (jollyr0g3r AT gmail DOT com)
1 x Alessandro Degano (a.degano AT gmail DOT com)
1 x Enrico Pigozzi (videokill71 AT gmail DOT com)
1 x Max Ciavarella - Contacts here
1 x Giuseppe Barbieri (elect86 at gmail dot com)
1 x Riccardo Issoglio (riccardo.issoglio AT polito DOT it)
1 x Flavio Pastore Contacts here
1 x Michele Renda ( mic DOT renda AT email DOT it )
2 x Katjia Mirri (gattoniglia AT gmail DOT com ) two items (ne voglio due)!!

  • Gruppo 2 (coloro che non ci stanno nel primo gruppo o che vogliono aspettare che il primo gruppo abbia ricevuto il telefono):

1 x Marco Forasacco (zer0fil3 AT gmail DOT com)

(aggiungersi chi è nuovo)

LISTA ORIGINALE (24/05/08 14:48):

  • Claudio Carnino
    (jollyr0g3r AT gmail DOT com)
  • Alessandro Degano
    (a.degano AT gmail DOT com)
  • Enrico Pigozzi
    (videokill71 AT gmail DOT com)
  • Max Ciavarella - Contacts here
  • Giuseppe Barbieri (elect86 at gmail dot com)
  • Riccardo Issoglio
    (riccardo.issoglio AT polito DOT it)
  • Flavio Pastore Contacts here
  • Michele Renda ( mic DOT renda AT email DOT it )
  • Katjia Mirri (gattoniglia AT gmail DOT com ) two items (ne voglio due)!!
  • Giovanni Di Mingo ( pino_otto AT yahoo DOT com )
  • Marco Forasacco
    (zer0fil3 AT gmail DOT com)

Trentino-Alto Adige


Status 4/10

  • Vincenzo D'Andrea (vincenzo.dandrea AT gmail DOT com)
    (also Verona is OK - and I can carry others' phone VR to TN or viceversa)
  • Emanuele Olivetti (emanuele CHIOCCIOLA relativita PUNTO com)
  • Marco Ciampa (ciampix (*) libero (*) it)
  • Avi Arrigo (aviarrigo AT gmail DOT com)(also Milano is OK)

Friuli Venezia Giulia


Status: 1/10


Status: 15/20






Emilia Romagna

Status : 5/10

La proposta, accolta da chi segue il google group, e' di attendere la formalizzazione dell'offerta del rivenditore italiano. Se tutto va bene, avremo il freerunner + gadgets i primi di settembre, con 2 anni di garanzia e prezzo allettante. Per organizzazione: Emilia Romagna - Gruppo d'acquisto (Delian)


Status : 2/10

  • Leonardo Rossi ssj3gokou AT libero Dot it Also for me it's ok the decentralized shipping.


Status : 1/10

  • vagamente AT gmail DOT com (even hub if it's necessary...). ( se ti vanno bene ambo le citta' basta dirlo tra parentesi. Cosi', si fa confusione :) )


Status : 2/10

  • Lorenzo nixy_999 AT yahoo Dot it Also for me it's ok the decentralized shipping.
  • vagamente AT gmail DOT com (even hub if it's necessary...).
  • Mauro lord.of.the.dimm AT gmail DOT com decentralized shipping: OK.



Status : 2/10


Status : 1/10


Status : 1/10



Status: 1/10


Caserta (and province)

Status 1/10

  • fenoxxx [9] - Aversa



Status 9/10

Per coordinamento Freerunner Italian Group Sales (Roma)

La precedenza è stabilita in base all'ordine di aggiunta nella lista inizale

Gruppo 1 (incompleto):



Status 5/10

  • Luca Maranzano X 1 (liuk AT linux DOT it) liuk
  • Lorenzo Fornara X 1 (fw1987 AT hotmail DOT it)
  • Stefano Cutelle' X 1 ( ascservices
  • Andrea De Gaetano X 1 (dega1999 AT gmail DOT com) Dega1999
  • Salvo Schiavone X 1 (salvoschiavone AT gmail DOT com Salvador



Status 10/10


Status 6/10


Status 3/10





Status 1/10

Viaggio per tutta l'Isola, per cui, nel caso in cui arrivassimo a 10 utenti...



Status 8/10



Status 1/10


Ciudad de México

Status 1/10

Ciudad Victoria

Status 3/10

  • 3x Gregorio Toscano email

The Netherlands

(Discuss this group sale on the talk page)

Special notice

After discussion on the talk page, a number of us have decided to place an individual order at, because they are cheaper than the group sale discount, and they deliver a receipt with VAT.
I'd advise the people on this group sale-list to do the same.
You can indeed place a group order at, but that won't lower the price, and would only add extra shipping costs. (from the person who made the group-order to the individual members of the group) MadJo 11:04, 30 June 2008 (UTC)











Noord Holland

















New Zealand


As Telecom are using the 850MHz network for their GSM network, while Vodafone and northelia (possibly aka orcon) are using 900/1800MHz, please state which version you want. This may need more research, I'm not 100%; see [11] for more info


Based on the Openmoko direct store, shipping is US$258.05 (US$25.81/phone)

Someone on the community list suggested using [12], a shipping company that will re-post items overseas at decent rates. They claim US$66 for a 3kg package, or NZ$8 per phone. Of course, the cost of shipping the phone from OM to the shipping company has to be added in as well.

Purchase cost

As of 2008-07-03 (exchange rate 0.7505), US$369 is worth NZ$492 and US$25.81 is worth NZ$34.39

Duty/taxes/other charges

import duty on mobile phones is 0%[13], and GST is 12.5% so the GST added to each phone will be NZ$65.80; 12.5% * (492 + 34.39), 'cause we pay GST on postage too...

You'll also need to add on disbursement fees etc. If it's UPS it's not too bad (~NZ$40) if it comes through NZ Post then it can be ~NZ$120.

So, the total cost of a Freerunner as part of a 10 pack, will be:
492 + 34.39 + 65.80 = NZ$592.19 + NZ$4 = ~NZ$596

+ any possible charges to get it posted elsewhere in New Zealand.

Also, for the person buying, don't forget that there is likely charges from VISA for foreign exchange. ASB is 2.1% of the purchase price which will add ~$12.50 ea. to the price.

nicegear may be bringing some in depending on pricing from OpenMoko.



Status:10 phones requested, the required minimum (10 phones) is reached, but more buyers are still welcome to join.


Glen ogilvie made a suggestion, that we could use a company (e.g. someone's employer, who are likely to have easily found contact details and thus be trustworthy) to buy the phones on our behalf (after we'd paid for them), and then deliver them to us.
any volunteers? do any of you have understanding bosses/your own company that could help out here?
Dave Lane: I think Egressive would be willing to act as an intermediary. Contact me to discuss it...

Having contacted all the below people who have said they were interested, we only got 6 emails back from people. We need 4 more and we can put in our order. Please Contact me here so that we can get this order underway...

Purchaser List



Status: 1/10




Status 2/10



Status 16/20

Send mail om du er interessert.


Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud, Vestfold

Status: 30/??
30/30 er bestilt via Heikki Sørum
ingen har påtatt seg å bestille inn flere, men det er etterspørsel etter fler.


Status 2/10



Status 1/10



Portuguese (15/20) who are associates of ANSOL, please consider joining TeamANSOL (currently 5/10 members).

Shop is open (currently only 850MHz version available. We want 900MHz): Shipping cost to Portugal for 10-pack: $219.07, ~14 EUR per device.

We also need to have a cost estimation for Portuguese customs (like the Australians did). 20% sales tax + customs tax is to be expected both for individual or bulk sales, because the price is quite high. But freedom is priceless :)

Ruben Mendes is coordinating the group buy. If you are interested get in touch with him.



Status : 4/10



Status : 10/10



Status: 1/10


We have a google group for discussion about a possible Swedish group order:, see Svensk Gruppbeställning av Freerunner. Please join the discussion!

If insufficient number of people, orders could be merged and remailed perhaps.

Domestic remailing with Posten as A-class mail of a letter (criteria: length+width+height max 900 mm) weighing max 1 kg, without insurance should cost 44 SEK. 50 SEK more for insurance.

If we end up with more than one 10-pack in Sweden, my guess is that it would probably pay to order everything in one shipment to one address in Sweden to save on the international shipping, and then remail domestically.




Status : 1/10



Status : 6/10


Status : 1/10


Status : 2/10

  • Jörgen Lidholm, could join the Falun/Borlänge or Stockholm group
  • John Törnblom, can also join the Stockholm group



Status : 2/10


Status : 1/10

  • mh 1 unit, If not up to 10 by launch. i'd join any group and either pick it up or have it remailed nationally


1x 10 Pack ordered from pulster for the group Zürich! Read more below 17:20, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

??? should organize the 3 x 10pack for Zürich
Luca Capello could organize the 10pack for Geneva.
Mathieu will organisze the 2 x 10pack for Lausanne EPFL CH-fr

All payment in advance (a 10pack will cost approx 3'800 USD).

Probably we will organize shippings, if we cannot all move to Zürich/Genève/Lausanne to get our Neo.

François Bianco is trying to create a new group of 10 (will be mostly for French Switzerland). -> The group moved to the EPFL group, which will try to reach 20 persons. --Fbianco 11:42, 11 June 2008 (UTC)
Gabriel Ambuehl would volunteer to order the initial 10pack. <- still accurate ? -> Gabriel will not organize the 10packs for Zürich due to not being in Switzerland. We are in contact to find a solution so please wait until we know what to do. Order in Germany (each for himself or as a group, not clear yet) could be as cheap as a 10pack. We are in contact with and will be contacted form pulster about the price. We will contact you guys in the Zürich list as soon as we know more 10:26, 6 June 2008 (UTC)
Alexandre Ghisoli will not organize the second 10pack, since the order moved in the Lucca's group.

Customs and Postage

I called the Swiss Federal Customs Administration and it seems that we only need to pay VAT (7.6%) and the UPS taxes as well (since the parcel will be sent through UPS). Thus I called UPS and it seems that UPS directly pays the VAT instead of the customer, then asking the customer for refund (plus a fixed tax of EUR13.00). So I think the following per-phone cost for a Swiss bulk order should be a good estimate.

Bulk Order USD CHF
Customs Value (Cval) 3690.00 3837.60
Postage 160.00 166.40
Value of Taxable Importation (VoTI) = Cval+Postage 3850.00 4004.00
VAT = 7.6% of VoTI 292.60 304.30
UPS fixed tax (EUR13.00) 20.00 20.80
Total Cost 4162.60 4329.10
Per Person 416.26 432.91

Figures accurate as of 4th Jun 2008 from UBS: 1EUR = 1.54USD and 1USD = 1.04CHF.


If we would ship Neos, here is the Swiss PostPac prices :

Description Size [cm] Price CHF TTC
Size 1 22.9 x 14.7 x 9.9 2.20
Size 2 31.5 x 22.5 x 12.5 2.40
Shipping Priority up to 2Kg 8.-
Shipping Economy up to 2Kg 6.-

Steve posted informations about boxes that will be out with Neo :

  • 10 pack : 435mm x 371mm x 119mm, approx 3kg, UPS will charge 160USD (need to be verified)
  • Individual pack : 178mm x 104mm x 84mm, 237 grams

So size 1 will fit ! Local delivery in Switzerland will cost 8.20 for Economy or 10.20 Priority.

Zurich order (already ordered and on their way!)

I organized already an order from due to the best conditions:

  • 299 Euro - 19% German sales tax = 249 Euro
  • 249 Euro + 7,6% Swiss sales tax
  • evtl. some border taxes
  • no shipping costs! (pulster sends for free)
  • 2 Years warranty

The conditions to get a device from me:

  • As soon as I have them i will contact you
  • You pick up your device in Winterthur
  • You pay me cash (you will not get a device before I have the money in my hands)
  • You bring the correct amount of money (I can't give return)
  • I will _not_ raise the price for my profit. You pay what I pay

So add yourself to the list here if you want one:
Status : 10/10 -> full

  • Esra Kummer (3 Geräte!) (Winterthur)
  • Simon Wenner (Schaffhausen)
  • Markus Huggler (Winterthur)
  • Simon Schreiber (Zurich)
  • Hannes Wyss (Zurich)
  • Felix Rabe (Basel/Romanshorn)
  • Carlos Diener (Winterthur)
  • Walter Sutter (Winterthur)

Status : 11/30
Contact person who order the 10Pack : ??

Basel-Stadt order (Adrian Rudin)

I will organize one order like did.

  • 299 Euro - 19% German sales tax + 7,6% Swiss sales tax = 270.4 Euro
  • 270.4 Euro * 1.68 = 454.3 CHF
  • I chose a higher change value to inlcude border charges, everything that's left will be donated to Wikimedia.
  • no shipping costs! (pulster sends for free)
  • 2 Years warranty
  • For people in Bern: Lorenz Schori would pick up your devices as well an distribute them to you in Bern.

The conditions to get a device from me:

  • You have to pay in advance, please send me an E-Mail to receive account informations.
  • As soon as I have all 10 payments I will order the 10 pack
  • Please pay as fast as possible, I won't order till I got all the payments!
  • You pick up your device in Basel, 1 or 2 exceptions can be made!
  • I raised the price to include border charges, everything not used for the order will be donated to Wikimedia.

So add yourself to the list here if you want one:
Status : 10/10 (#: have payed)


Status : 10/10
Contact person who order the 10Pack : Luca Capello
WARNING, this list already contains 10 people! -- LucaCapello

Suisse romande / Lausanne (EPFL)

Status : 25/30
Contact person who order the 10Packs : Mathieu Habegger

Persons who went lonely orders :

  • Philipp Aeberli (2 Units, Gland)

The list was extended to 30
3 are still remaining !
--Habi 11:43, 6 July 2008 (UTC)

Suisse romande / Morges

I'll order a pack for Switzerland people. The price of FreeRunner will be 460 CHF all inclusive (VAT and shipping in your post box) Contact me here: Contact if you want one. We are already 6, so 4 remaining. Contact me at : jec at jesc dot ch


Spain (Country Group Sale)

Status: 23/30

España-Portugal group Sale via

ordering 23 July



Status : 10/10

Madrid Group Sale update (payment, shipment, etc)

Ordering aprox. 15th July

Local delivery in central Madrid

People that cancelled their commitment for now:

  • 1x (MokoBox.jpg - advanced) Rafael Campos Contact

Vacancies for the scheduled order: 2

Possible reason for cancelling order: being sure that the 850/1800MHz unit won't work correctly in Spain despite the use of 1800 MHz. Investigation in progress.



Status : 10/10 WARNING, this list already contains 10 people!



Status : 1/10

Islas Canarias


Status : 4/10


Status: 1/10




Willing to reship to nonlocal people within the US (cheaper if you're closer), or get absorbed into another group that's willing to reship. In talks with Boulder (Colorado) group.

Status: 3/10

  • wesshull Wes Shull - 1x GTA02 + 1x debug board
  • Richard Reichenbacher - 2x GTA02



Status: 9/10

  • Vinc Duran x2 (I can purchase and distribute locally)
    Pfloyd Contact
  • John Miller
  • D Padilla
  • Joey Stanford
  • J Hinegardner
  • S Derrick of New Mexico x2
  • R Schwarz

Denver (Full)

Status: 10/10 (includes the gentleman from Utah)

Fort Collins

Status: 1/10


Los Angeles

Status: 10/10

  • Ian Douglas, Santa Monica
    I'll help organize a group sale, meet & greet, but since I was selected to help test the Freerunner, I won't need to actually purchase one. Contact me here
  • Matthew Wetmore, Westchester 90045
  • Daniel, Torrance
  • James Robertson, Irvine
  • Bill Sun
  • Michael, Santa Monica
  • Russel Dwiggins, Cerritos
  • Dima, Pasadena
  • Mike, Santa Monica (1 unit + 1 debug board)
  • Joe Smith, Orange
  • Jose Torres, Hollywood

San Diego

Status: 10/10 - full

Includes North County, Riverside, Tijuana, etc. 10 pack has been ordered.

  • Peter Naulls, Carlsbad (South)/Mira Mesa (near Qualcomm) - will coordinate - contact me for details.
  • Tracy Reed
  • Paul Breed
  • Greg Davidson
  • Larry Riedel
  • David Wilhelm
  • Jim McLaughlin - could move to LA group if needed as other company office is near LAX
  • Adam Hughes
  • Rob Walker
  • Brian S. Dobrovodsky
  • Urivan Flores

San Francisco Bay Area

(Discuss this group sale, pickup and payments on the talk page)

The 10 pack is here! I'll send emais out and update the talkpage with the details for a meetup.

Bring US $396.66 ($369 + $26.753 tax + $0.907 shipping) cash (no checks) for pickup. I'll try to make a copy of the receipt for everyone.

Status: 10/10 Full

  • William Ray Yeager - (cash) Contact
  • Jim Morris - (Agreed to organize purchase) Contact
  • Cry Regarder (3 units, cash) Contact
  • Paul Mahon - (cash) Contact (San Jose)

Status 5/10

  • Anton Bogdanov - (Cash) Contact (San Francisco)
  • Tupshin Harper - (Not confirmed) Contact
  • Sebastian Coe - (Not confirmed) Contact
  • Jim Lutz - (Not confirmed) Contact
  • Elektrolott - (Cash, 900MHz) Contact (San Jose).
    I am back on the list, as the online store says: GSM 900Mhz variant stock is due on on July 25th.
    I am also interested in getting a debug board.


South/Central Florida

Status 3/10


Southwestern Idaho

Status 2/10

  • 1 × Eugene Kravtsov Contact, Garden City (Boise).
  • 1 × Christopher Blay Contact, Twin Falls.


(combine Illinois / Iowa / Tennesee / Texas / Wisconsin) Status: 10/10

  • Steven M Contact - Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Joseph Booker Contact - Chicago, IL
  • Matt McCormick Contact - Madison, WI
  • Charles Hill email - Chicago, IL
  • Greg Bonett email - Iowa City, IA
  • Tushar Dayal Contact - Ames, IA
  • solomon jacob herscovitch Contact - Chicago, IL
  • Eric Olson Contact - Madison, WI
  • Tom Watson Contact - Pittsburgh, PA
  • An-Phong Le Contact - Urbana, IL
  • Ed Marshall Contact - Aurora, IL


(Possibly + 2 from Memphis?) Status: 8/10 (Possibly 10?)

  • Dan Staley Contact (Lexington, KY)
  • Donnie Jones Contact (Lexington, KY)
  • John Sterling Contact (Lexington, KY)
  • James MacLachlan Contact (Louisville, KY)
  • John Askew Contact (Lexington, KY)
  • Devin Cook Contact (Lexington, KY)
  • Geoff Ruscoe Contact - Louisville, KY
  • Jon Howard Contact (Lexington, KY)

Ohio / Michigan

Status: 11/10 (As of July 4th, 2008)

  • David Pais (Unknown City) email (Unresponsive)
  • Dave Ludlow (Toledo) (I can purchase and distribute) Contact (Confirmed)
  • Adam Steele (Cincinnati) Contact (Payment Received - Confirmed)
  • Elliot Bailey (Canton) Contact (Payment Received - Confirmed)
  • Richard Rowell (Grand Rapids) Contact (Payment NOT Received)
  • Paul Wehr Ann Arbor (Payment NOT Received)
  • Micah Krafcik (Youngstown) Contact (Payment Received - Confirmed)
  • Doug Wurtzbacher (Centerville) x2 Contact (Payment Received - Confirmed)
  • Martin Dicks (Columbus) Contact (Payment NOT Received)
  • Tom Reed (Toledo) (Payment Received - Confirmed)

The 10-pack purchase was made around 9A on July 3rd - they are on the way! There are 11 requests for 10 phones - they will be assigned in the order that payment clears.

Pacific Northwest


Status: 3/10 Full (Full - joined forces with Washington group)

  • Quentin Hartman (Status confirmed) Contact Willing to organize the Oregon group buy and/or be absorbed into another Pacific NW group if too few locals sign up.
  • Brian Wilson (Status confirmed) Contact (in Corvallis actually)
  • Gary Oliver (Status confirmed) Contact Also in Corvallis.


Seattle Area

Status: 7/10 Full (Full - joined forces with Oregon group)

  • Jon Pomeroy (Status confirmed) Contact
  • Chris Baker (Status confirmed) Contact
  • Mark Zimmerman (Status confirmed) Contact
  • Wim Lewis (Status confirmed) Contact In Wallingford.
  • Charles Wheeler (Status confirmed) Contact Note: Work in Bellevue, live in Federal Way. May not have money till mid-July.
  • G.O. (Status confirmed) I'd like to get @ least one.
  • Matt Luzum (Status confirmed) Contact



Status: 2/10

  • Peter O'Connor Contact
  • Jarvis Stubblefield (Prefer with Debug) Contact


Austin (15/10)

Dallas (4/10)


District of Columbia (DC) Metro Area


Virginia Tech (1/10)
  • Lally Singh email -- yeah, if you're ordering anywhere in VA, lemme know.
  • Philippe and Steve joined the NY list

New York (20/20)

As of 8 July 2008 we still need five people to pay in order to complete a second batch of ten. Just because there are twenty names on this list doesn't mean you can't join in. PLEASE contact Bert or Michael in addition to adding yourself to the list

Maryland (0/10)

(Group apparently defunct due to NY Order)

  • Paul Buede I switched to New York, cause we don't have enough. Look up ^
  • Charles Lohr -- Switched to New York (if possible)
  • Alex (switched to NYC, see above; may be able to deliver phone(s) to DC metro)

North Carolina (2/10)

  • Jason Sharpee Contact - Charlotte Metro area
  • William Vidrine Contact - Greensboro/Triad, DROPPED OUT for individual order
  • Joe White Contact - Winston-Salem/Triad area


Status: 10/10 (Full - Order placed 11:30 AM EDT July 3, 2008)

  • Ken Young, Cambridge (Note, if we're not up to 10/10 on the day the Freerunner is announced, I'm going to drop out and order individually).Contact
  • Nick Dube - Pembroke, NH (Will also drop out if we do not have 10 by Freerunner release.) Contact
  • Justin Brzozoski - Worcester, MA area Contact
  • John Nicholson - Amherst, MA (Will also drop out if we do not have 10 by Freerunner release.) Contact
  • Matthew Campbell - Worcester, MA Contact

Status: 7/10

  • Bala Nair - Acton, MA Contact
  • Mike Doody - Groton, MA Contact
  • 0x Nathan Perry - Derry, NH (cannot switch to GSM at this time)
  • Kyle Harrington - Amherst, MA (Will drop out if we do not have 10 by Freerunner release.) Contact
  • Ryan Svoboda - Worcester, MA (Will buy one individually on release day if this group is incomplete) Contact
  • Ryan Meador - Worcester, MA (Will drop out if we do not have 10 by Freerunner release.) Contact
  • Jeff Gelbard - Haydenville, MA Contact

(Between the 2 groups, we already have 7 "visibly" from Worchester - Western MA...I think the group should be resorted....Who is the contact where the package will be sent?)



Including Northwestern Nevada/ Northeastern California Status: 1/10


  • Stroller (Milton Keynes, can travel) 01908 663 513.
    Thinks that breaking the UK up into regions - at least outside London - is silly. There are unlikely to be 10 people in $your_town who want a Freerunner, so some posting of Freerunners will surely be required; see the talk page. This is the same cost anywhere in the UK.



Status : 3/10

  • Joe Wells (Edinburgh) Web I have two comments:
    • The Wiki's e-mail feature (those URLs with “Special:Emailuser” in them) does not seem to be working. I tried contacting Dave Ball and Stuart MacKinnon that way and got no reply. Later, Stuart and Dave (who I reached by writing a message here) told me they never got the e-mail. So the Wiki's e-mail feature might be broken. So please contact me by going to my web page and using my e-mail address listed there. Stuart, George, and Dave have been in contact with me by e-mail. I am happy to put anyone in Scotland who sends me e-mail in touch with the others.
    • Not enough people have gotten in touch so far (as of 2008-06-28) to justify a bulk order of a 10-pack. Also, there is now a UK distributor: TrueBox. Because TrueBox appears to be ordering 10-packs (and thereby getting the bonus goodies (headphones and pouches) that come in the 10-packs), it seems there is little motivation to try to organize a Scottish bulk order. So I am likely to give up on the idea of a Scottish bulk order for myself (unless lots of people contact me in the next day or so!).
  • Dave Ball (Edinburgh) Contact
  • george Maistros (Edinburgh) Contact


Status : 2/10



Status: 16/20 at 2008-05-24

Willing to re-ship within the UK.

(Sorry, we set up the page before we knew about this one)


Status : 13/10

  • aled
  • Robert Piasek (actually in Southampton)
  • Tom Scholl (Cambridge, travel to London now and then anyway so could pick up)
  • Weiss (Cambridge, could collect from London)
  • Neil Bentley (in Wiltshire) Contact
  • rhn x 2
  • Tim Coggins
  • Michele Mattioni (I'm based in Cambridge too, but if Tom can go to London I can grab the phone in Cambridge)
  • Ben F-W (Fulham, London) Contact
  • T. Chan (Cambridge, vaguely knows Weiss) Contact
  • Rob Paulson (Derby, but will be visiting London in July) Contact
  • Mario
  • David Pottage (actually in Reading)

West Midlands

Status : 3/10




Status : 3/10


Status : 4/10


Status : 4/10

Czech Republic

Tato skupina byla uzavřena!
Koordinátorem objednávání je Martin Šenkeřík Kontakty na mě


  • 4.7. - Peníze jsem odeslal Pulsterovi. Objednávka čítá:
37 x FreeRunner
5 x Debug board
10 x Obal
17 x Headset
1 x Sharp Zaurus Stift Plastik

Pulster psal:


 first thanks for all the work you have collecting the money - I will
 send you some small present for your help !

 The first batch of Freerunner are sold out, my apologises. We expect new
 delivery on 25.07.08 and will do our best to ship your Openmoko unit !
 Making a payment now will ensure you to be one of the happy receivers of
 the unit with this next delivery !


 30 units * 299 = 8970 EUR. Shipping is free.
 Please transfer it to our bank account. You will find our bank
 informations below. If the funds are on the way, send us a short email
 notice. It will speed up the procession of your order. Thank you very

 Invoice/shipping address:
 for warranty issues I need the name of all buyers please.
 also your shipping address.

 We try to ship same day we are got the new Openmoko units in stock.
 Again sorry for the delay and thanks for your order with Pulster.
 You will get your order with insured and registered DHL airmail parcel.
 Please find average trasit times here:

 Please feel free to ask if there are any questions left. We are glad to help.

 Many thanks,
 Christoph Pulster
  • 2.7. - Takže mám už peníze od všech zájemců. Dag Rauer a Martin Hinner neodpovídají. Jenže neodpovídá ani Pulster. Na mailinglistu psal:

many thanks for your big interest in our Freerunner 299 eur offer.
We started sales Friday 9:00 and 10:30 all the units from our first
batch are sold out. I really have to excuse myself to all the persons
who made a order but did not get any reply until yet, sorry !
You can be sure I will work 24h at the moment to come back to each
of you with a confirmation of your order with delivery date etc.

We get new units 07/25/2008 (25.July). All customers who already made a
order will get a unit from this batch, promised !
Again sorry and thanks.


Takže počítám, že se snad v brzké době ozve. Já budu na netu snad zase zítra.

  • 1.7. - Od Pulstera žádná odpověď. Stále čekáme na peníze od opozdilců.
  • 30.6. - Kratky report:
    • jsem ted trochu odstrihnuty od internetu, budu se snazit aspon jednou denne pripojit
    • mam penize uz na 30 telefonu, jeste mne nedorazily penize od nekolika lidi, kteri potvrdili jejich odeslani
    • psal jsem Pulsterovi, jestli se to vyprodani jeho zasob telefonu tyka i nas... Cekam na odpoved (doufam ze ne :( )

Odeslal jsem všem ze seznamu mail s informacemi k odeslání peněz. Pokud náhodou někomu mail nedorazil, urychleně se mi ozvěte, ať se nemusí moc čekat. Mohlo se stát, že jsem v tom množství někoho nechtěně vynechal...

  • 26.6. - V pondělí porovnám výpis z účtu se seznamem zájemců tady na wiki a od koho tam nebudou peníze budu ho ještě pro jistotu kontaktovat. Pokud se ukáže, že všechno dorazilo tak jak mělo, odešlu peníze Pulsterovi.

Na to jsem se ptal v České Spořitelně, a převod více než 200 000Kč je nutné provést v bance, za co si vyberou 200Kč poplatek, plus 1% z částky za zahraniční převod v EUR, avšak maximálně 1500Kč - což je náš případ, plus ještě poplatky Německé banky protože všechny poplatky půjdou na vrub odesílatele (snad to nebude moc). Tyhle poplatky uhradím z toho, co jsem připočítal k ceně telefonu.

A je to tu!! nejenom potvrdil cenu, ale také oznámil, že už má telefony skladem (ne však zatím k veřejnému prodeji, ale nám je připravený je odeslat).

Základní informace

Jedná se o hromadnou objednávku Neo FreeRunner (hardware - GSM, GPS, WiFi, CPU 400MHz, ...; software - náhled na připravovanou Qtopii) do České republiky. Cena 299€.

Protože se množí na to dotazy, vypíšu co je součástí dodávky a co ne:

  • Obdržíme:[30]
    • FreeRunner ;-)
    • stylus (pravděpodobně ten s laserem aspol...)
    • adaptér
    • USB kabel
    • 512MB SD card
  • Neobdržíme (možno přiobjednat):
    • obal (19€) - navíc 500Kč
    • headset (9€) - navíc 250Kč

Omlouvám se těm, kteří by ještě chtěli přiobjednat některé z příslušenství a už odeslali peníze. Bude bohužel potřeba v případě zájmu odeslat ještě navíc sumu za příslušenství. Pokud by byl malý zájem, mohl bych to zaplatit ze zálohy a případný nedoplatek vybrat v hotovosti (platí bohužel jen pro Brno a Zlín).

Platí pro obě větve!

Tak jsme na kroku 4!

  1. Registraci provedete zápisem svého jména a kontaktu do patřičné větve odpovídající místu vašeho osobního převzítí telefonu. Můžete nabídnout distribuci do míst, které ještě nikdo neposkytuje.
  2. stanovena lehce nadhodnocená částka: 7500Kč za telefon, s debug boardem na 10000Kč na bezpečné pokrytí očekávaných i neočekávaných výdajů spojených s objednávkou
  3. každý zájemce odešle tuto sumu na účet Martina Šenkeříka, identifikuje se svým jménem a příjmením ve zprávě příjemci
  4. odeslal jsem peníze na účet
  5. po obdržení balíku s telefony se vypočte finální částka za telefon, a případný přeplatek bude vrácen každému osobně při převzetí telefonu (lokální distributoři samozřejmě obdrží patřičný počet telefonů a peněz, aby mohly být předány dále)
  6. všem se dítko šťastně dopraví do rukou


Distribuční schéma

[n]  FreeRunner
[nD] debug board 99€ - 2500Kč (n počet kusů, bez n 1 kus)
[nH] headset, 9€ - 250Kč
[nO] obal, 19€ - 500Kč
Jednotlivé volby píšeme za jméno v [] a více
voleb oddělujeme čárkou. n je počet kusů, bez n 1 kus
Status : 23

Značku před jména přidávám v okamžiku, když od daného člověka dorazí peníze na můj účet.


Distribuční schéma

Vzhledem ke jednodušší distribuci půjde balíček do Brna a odtud jej převeze Tomáš Varga.

[n]  FreeRunner
[nD] debug board 99€ - 2500Kč (n počet kusů, bez n 1 kus)
[nH] headset, 9€ - 250Kč
[nO] obal, 19€ - 500Kč
Jednotlivé volby píšeme za jméno v [] a více
voleb oddělujeme čárkou. n je počet kusů, bez n 1 kus
Status : 16

Značku před jména přidávám v okamžiku, když od daného člověka dorazí peníze na můj účet.

  • € Jan Mareš [2,2H] - Contact
    • Praha:
      • € Martin Dvořák - Contact
      • € Michal Pěnka [H] - Contact
      • € Jan Černý [H] - Contact
        • Kolín:
      • € Miloslav Machotka [O] - Contact
      • € David Kozub [D] - Contact (Kdyby z Prahy seslo, volim Zlin jako fallback.)
      • € Milan Vontorčík [HO] - Contact
      • € Vojtěch Vozáb - Contact
      • € Zdeněk Trávníček [D] - Contact (Klidne si zajedu i jinam po republice)
      • € Milan Šedý [2] - Contact
        • Nové Město na Moravě:
          • Jaromír Šír [S] - Contact (openmoko ne, pouze stylus)
    • Písek:

Slovak Republic

Spojeno s Czech Republic


Status : 1/10


Status : 12/10

(maybe we should make one group for bosnia, croatia & serbia together?) the talk page


Due to common customs problems we created google group to discuss how to get that 10 phones pack in Russia. Join us


login google groups name number of items
Neo FreeRunner Dboard Spares Pack
1. sinister 1
2. shallburn 1 1
3. vadson vadimhohlov 1 1 1
4. Tallex 1
5. mex3 3meandme 1 1 1
6. pva volkov.peter 1 1 1
7. cbou 2 1 1
8. Buffet kaledin 1
9. homeboy 1
10. bepcyc bepcyc 1
11. kmeaw kmeaw 1
12. Casufi VladimirKotulskiy 1
13. bam butirsky 1
14. mihhey mihhey 1 1
15. ke ke 1 1
16. passshok passshok 1
17. Dmitry Shurupov Dmitry Shurupov 1
18. alsroot alsroot 1
19. vinokurov.alexey vinokurov.alexey 1 1
20. mithron mithron 1
21. Anarchist 2 2
22. Mixer.slc Mixer.slc 1 1
23. sergey.sign sergey.sign 1 1
24. Pyromaniac 1
25. yoush Nikita Youshchenko 1
26. Von-Hamster Von-Hamster 1 1
27. Onibi 1 1
28. Shulyaka Denis Shulyaka 1 1
29. icukeng icukeng 1 1
30. REDkiy REDkiy 1
31. svschwartz Schwartz Sergey 1
32. NoMad Antioh 1
33. ekot ekot 1
Total number: 36 5 15


login google groups name number of items
Neo FreeRunner Dboard Spares Pack
1. Alexxy alexxyum 1 1
2. Nikolay Kasatkin nikolay.kasatkin 2
3. cracatau 1 (3?)
4. alexei379 alexei379 1 1 1
5. krigstask sterkrig 2 1
6. Lupin Demid lupin-de-mid 1 1
7. Setar Setar 1
8. VisJiser VisJiser 1 1 1
9. exiless explosion 0(1? я в раздумьях) 0(1? я в раздумьях) 0(1? я в раздумьях)
10. Danil Kutkevich 1
11. Aleksandr Yakimov Yaleks 1
12. imatveev13 imatveev13 1
13. SKiller skeler
14. Curu3MyHg 1 1
15. Stampit 1
16. Rezak Rezak 1
17. rgo 1 1 1
18. alex_pux Alex_pux 1 1
Total number: 18(19?) 4(5?) 7(8?)


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Neo FreeRunner Dboard Spares Pack
1. Alexandr Smolentsev psychos 1 1
Total number: 1 0 1


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Neo FreeRunner Dboard Spares Pack
1. Kayo Kayo 1 1 1
Total number: 1 1 1

Niznhny Novgorod

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Neo FreeRunner Dboard Spares Pack
1. Ntropy Natry Clorum 1 1 1
2. eagafonov eagafonov 1 1 1
Total number: 2 2 2


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Neo FreeRunner Dboard Spares Pack
1. slayer slayer 1 1
Total number: 1 0 1


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Neo FreeRunner Dboard Spares Pack
1. astroiLL Ilya Byven 1 1
Total number: 1 0 1


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Neo FreeRunner Dboard Spares Pack
1. Grif Ruten Grif Ruten 1 1
Total number: 1 0 1



Status : 1/10



Status : 4/10


Status : 3/10