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If you want a phone that runs Openmoko, you can either buy the Neo FreeRunner or you can install Openmoko on a supported device. Note that some of the software is still under development and not suited for regular users yet. For learning about what you can and cannot do with the current types of software please see distributions.

Get in touch for more information.

Buying Neo FreeRunner

If you buy a Neo FreeRunner now, Om 2008 will be preinstalled. However, you can always install a different distribution.

The Neo FreeRunner and accessories are sold by several distributors around the world. Some of them offer a rebate if multiple units are bought. You might save some money if you join a group sale with people in your area. Furthermore you may find a cheap second hand FreeRunner in the classifieds.

Installing Openmoko on your mobile

You can also install Openmoko on other mobile phones. For a list of phones on which you can run Openmoko please see supported devices. These devices will likely not fully support Openmoko and may not offer any GSM functionality under Openmoko. Currently this wiki doesn't provide any information on installing Openmoko on other devices. If you have some, please share it.

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