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Gentoo armv4tl-softfloat-linux-gnueabi optimalized for Openmoko (-Os -march=armv4t -mtune=arm920t) on 2008.0/arm profile (glibc based, sane bootstrapable toolchain)
(embedded uclibc/arm profile armv4tl-softfloat-linux-uclibcgnueabi in plans)

Screenshot (hosted at ImageShack)

Read first (Skip points 2 and 3)

Needed things


  1. Partition your sd card if needed (don`t make swap partitions, ensure card isn't mounted):
  2.  fdisk /dev/mmcblk0
  3. Make ext2 or ext3 filesystem:
  4.  mkfs.ext2 /dev/mmcblk0p1
  5. Mount partition:
  6.  mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /media/card
  7. Copy stage and portage from host to moko (e.g. on localhost):
  8.  scp stage3-armv4tl-*.tar.bz2 portage-*.tar.bz2 root@openmoko:/media/card
  9. Unpack stage and portage:
  10.  tar -xjpf /media/card/stage3-armv4tl-*.tar.bz2 -C /media/card
     tar -xjpf /media/card/portage-*.tar.bz2 -C /media/card/usr
  11. Cleanup removing tar.bz2:
  12.  rm /media/card/stage3-armv4tl-*.tar.bz2 /media/card/portage-*.tar.bz2
  13. Chroot:
  14.  chroot /media/card /bin/bash
  15. Update chroot environment:
  16.  source /etc/profile; env-update
  17. Set timezone:
  18.  cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/YOURZONE /etc/localtime
  19. Set hostname:
  20.  nano /etc/conf.d/hostname
  21. Remove console font changing (small is beautiful ;]):
  22.  rc-update del consolefont boot
  23. Setup fstab:
  24.  nano /etc/fstab
  25. Edit inittab (hash out c3, c4, c5, c6, s0, s1 lines):
  26.  nano /etc/inittab
  27. Setup usb networking:
  28.  echo "modules=\"g_ether\"" >> /etc/conf.d/modules
     ln -s /etc/init.d/net.lo /etc/init.d/net.usb0
     echo "config_usb0=\" netmask\"" > /etc/conf.d/net
     echo "routes_usb0=\"default via\"" >> /etc/conf.d/net
     echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf
  29. Enable sshd:
  30.  rc-update add sshd default
  31. Change root password:
  32.  passwd
  33. Leave chroot:
  34.  exit
  35. Copy kernel.
  36.  cp /boot/uImage-2.6.24 /media/card/boot/
  37. Copy modules.
  38.  cp -rpf /lib/modules /media/card/lib/
  39. Setup uboot for booting from sd card.
  40. Reboot.
  41. Setup/emerge rest of the system.
  42. Emerging binary packages

    • Binary package sites
    • Add PORTAGE_BINHOST to make.conf
    echo "PORTAGE_BINHOST=\"\"" >> /etc/make.conf
    • Update environment
    source /etc/profile; env-update
    • Setup install mask if you don't want compiler headers/docs etc (mask headers only if you'll be always using binary packages)
    export INSTALL_MASK="*.h"
    • Add the following line to make.conf to tell portage to always use binary packages.

    Binary package wishlist

    As i'll be adding some packages to ftp above you might want to ask for some package here: GentooPackageWishList
    Overlay with moko things and more packages coming soon.