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GSM 850 Field Test Results


As many of you are aware the GTA01's GSM 850 is non-functional at this time. This test was designed by many in the OpenMoko community (thanks to Michael Shiloh) to rectify the situation. A GTA01 was modified and will be shipped around North America and the results will be posted here.

Coverage Maps

Master GSM Coverage Map by Frequencies

AT&T/Cingular Coverage

Canadian Cell Tower Map

American Cell Tower Map

UNICEL US "National" GSM Coverage (UNICEL and "Partner" GSM cells) Map Shows GPS Coverage the GTA01 WILL STOP the GTA01 HAS stopped and moved on

Test Locations in USA

Test Locations in Canada

The Script

This section is used for the script that should/may be shipped within the GTA01-Modified

please comment well

   #Section to start and record re-playable GPS data !!!Information available to limited people!!
   exec /home/root/gllin/gllin & 
   cat /home/root/gllin/nmeaNP > /home/root/nmeareplay &
   # End GPS section
   #Section to record GSM signal quality !!Do math for QOS statistics!!
   #This Feature will be used to record signal quality ONLY no grep'ing for GSM commands 
   #End Section

Replaying the NMEA data can be done easily Just copy the nmeareplay file to your machine (/home/username/nmeareplay) in your GPS software change the gps port to the nmeareplay file (/home/username/nmeareplay)

The Executable

I've begun work on an openmoko gui application to display the information and log to a file. I may be done with it by 15 Jan 2008 if all goes well. So far I have a gui (fake data):