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Personal tools

This is a part of the applications that run on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, goto Applications

Official software

for the distribution Om 2008.8

Openmoko AGPS UI project

Community Applications

GPS software for glider pilots (and pilots in general), has a port for Qtopia and pulls (world) maps from the KFLog flight planner project. I think someone has put a project like this on the projects website.

is a routing program written in Python by Ojw, and a mobile phone GUI for maps, GPS, and routing.

is a routing and viewer of OSM XML data such as the planet.osm.

GPS Sight,
a popular Openmoko project under LGPL.

a simple trail logger.

a car navigation system with routing engine.

OrreryWithMenuTabs.png Orrery

Orrery displays the objects in the night (or day) sky. It uses the GPS position, if available

Package: orrery
Tested on: Om 2007.2, 2008.12 and SHR

qtopia (arm PDA) based map viewer with gps features

Qtopia based mapping widget. Displays maps and custom data, also other widgets can be bound to coordinates. GPS parser for the gllin output included.

mapping program. Downloads maps on demand and caches them, very efficient. Works very well.

GpsDrive is a car (bike, ship, plane) navigation system. GpsDrive displays your position provided from your GPS receiver on a zoomable map. The maps are autoselected for best resolution depending of your position and can be downloaded from the Internet. Speech output is supported if the "festival" software is running. All GPS receivers supported by gpsd should be usable. more at homepage

RoadMap for OpenMoko running Qtopia displays a map of the streets, tracks the position provided the GPS receiver, identifies the street matching this GPS position and announces the name of the crossing street at the next intersection. A trip feature allows RoadMap to display routes, tracks, and provide some basic navigation information (distance to the next waypoint, direction, speed, etc..). Voice messages are generated that duplicate some of the screen information. more at [1]

Use cases

  • I want to look at maps.
  • I want to be able to prepare data and load my own maps.
  • I want to load map data in a WKB (well known binary) format such as shapefiles.
  • I want to go somewhere; please tell me how to get there. Routing.
  • I want to help with the OpenStreetMap project by collecting data.
  • I want to use OpenStreetMap data in a map viewer.
  • I want to use the smartphone GPS to go Geocaching
  • I want the GPS to update profile settings based on my location. Example, mute the phone ringer when I am at work.
  • I want to log GPS data for later analysis. GPS Data Logger
  • I want to collect GPS data for scientific field work (forestry, biology, etc)