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See GPS for details on how to evaluate the Freerunner GPS with cat.

Before reporting a problem here, please check that you've had the GPS out in the open air, preferably with the GPS antenna pointed up, for over 15 mins. (the screen the right way up)

This should get a lock in even the worst cases.

Also note if you've tried unpluging and repluging the internal GPS connector. (See Disassembling_Neo1973 about 2/3 of the way down. (this may differ on freerunner, pictures appreciated)

Problems I'm having with the GPS
Username Checked outside? External antenna? Note
Pthorin Yes No I tried for about 40 minutes outside, I'm running om-gta02 P1-Snapshot-20080622. Did get GPS time outside, but only got lines like:


iandouglas Yes No Spent over a half hour outdoors, the NMEA port on my Samsung Blackjack 2 found my position just fine, but also got the same 99.99,99.99,99.99*30 line as Pthorin when powering on the GPS unit, starting gpsd, then running gpspipe at the command line
Dummy ?  ?

Solved problems

Let's collect hints which could solve the above problems here. E.g.: How to get the best results with your internal antenna