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The ringtone in milestone 2 is stored here:


Fun fact : according to the gstreamer documentation, .sid files are in fact small Commodore 64 programs that are executed on an emulated 6502 CPU and a MOS 6581 sound chip.

Now to change it is a little bit of fun.

first change directory to


and open the file

  1. this will be /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/framework/subsystems/oeventd/ if you are using FSO under Debian

Search for PlaySound. Edit the 2 lines to point to your wav or mp3 file.

There does seem to be a lag of a few vibrations before the sound starts but that might desirable. (I didn't compare against the original code). The code to specifically handle formats, (oggs for example) can be a little complicated and makes things messy. Since, it seems like this code is changing in FSO, I'm leaving it for the moment.


mv receiver.pyo /home/root 
  1. receiver.pyo will be receiver.pyc in FSO under Debian
 >>> import py_compile
 >>> py_compile.compile("")
 >>> quit()
  1. You may not have the py_compile module. You can install them like this:
opkg install python-compile
/etc/init.d/fso-frameworkd restart && /etc/init.d/zhone-session stop && sleep 2 && /etc/init.d/zhone-session start
  1. I've only run the above restart commands in Debian so I'm not sure if they are the same in the default FSO image
  2. the default zhone-session file doesn't have a working restart command, hence the stop->sleep 2->start

zhone for FSO seems to be launched by Xsession.d so maybe try:

/etc/init.d/xserver-nodm restart

Now you can link /usr/share/sounds/ringtone to any mp3 (or other sound file if you took the second option) and that will be your ringtone