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Om 2007.2
Om 2008.8 is the successor of Om 2007.2

(Other distributions)

The display locker is an extension of neod, intended to prevent the accidental triggering of events by unintentional contact to the screen.

Use case

Willi wants to hear music when he is jogging, but he can't because "lock down" puts his neo in suspend mode (where he can't hear music) and "dim only" won't prevent accidentally activating functions with his pocket.


Make an uncloseable widget, which can only be hidden when the user draws a specific motion on the screen.


The user has to drag something from the buttom of the screen to the top of the screen. The display locker is now in mainline Openmoko.

If you have any ideas or a fancy new image set, please contact me ("borg" in #openmoko or


The following themes are available: To install one, just put the .png's in the /usr/share/neod/ folder of your neo.

  • puzzle theme: [1] by IfChinsCouldKill
  • choice theme: [2] by IfChinsCouldKill
  • bees theme: [3] by IfChinsCouldKill
  • cheese theme: [4] by ScaredyCat
  • classic theme: orange [5] and blue [6] by Flerchjj
  • road theme: [7] by IfChinsCouldKill
  • padlock theme: [8] by Flerchjj

If you want to create a new theme, you can use the images in [9] as a template regarding size and naming.


To change the current theme to one of the themes above, you just need to replace the images located in folder '/usr/share/neod/' (drag.png, mid.png, etc. . .) by those of the chosen theme. Be sure you backup the original files in case of difficulties.

To activate the new theme you need to reboot the Neo.


DisplayLocker MokoClassic.png
Classic Orange
Moko classic blue.png
Classic Blue
DisplayLocker Padlock.png
Padlock Brass