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Porting dfu-util to Windows

Note: This is entirely work in progress and has not yet been successfully finished. Nevertheless hopefully the information on this page will serve as a starting point for anyone who find the time to take this further. After all, as many people still use Windows PCs as their every day computers, having a convenient way to re-flash a Neo from Windows would probably open up the user base.

Potential Approaches

  • Cygwin
Not very attactive as Cygwin binaries require Cygwin in order to run. You will not get a simple, native dfu-util.exe which can be downloaded and used on any Windows machine that way.
  • MinGW/MSYS
MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) seems to be the platform of choice.
  • LibUSB-Win32
Will only be able to be built on a Windows box

MinGW/MSYS port: What has been done so far

The preferred order of installation is:

  1. Install MinGW (the core installation should be sufficient)
  2. Install MSYS (Note: make comes with MSYS while GCC comes with MinGW)

Here is step-by-step howto:

  1. Download and execute the installer.
Note: It has often been a good idea to install into a directory that has no spaces in the filename.
  1. Download MSYS-1.0.10.exe from and install. You will need to enter the path where you installed MinGW. It's a good idea to install MinGW and MSYS next to each other, i.e. C:\SOMEDIR\MinGW and C:\SOMEDIR\MSYS.
Note: Make sure to open the "Current Version: 1.0.10" folder as the newer version 1.0.11 does not have an installer yet. (See:
  1. Download, which contains the autotools. Install into the same directory into which you installed MSYS itself. The installer might not automatically suggest the right directory.
Note: If anyone can spot this file from, please edit this page. I was only able to find this direct link by using a search engine.

That should give you an Icon in your Start menu in MinGW->MSYS with the name of msys. Open that one, and you will find yourself in a bourne compatible shell on your native Windows system.

You can try to execute some commends such as gcc, make, etc. to make sure you installed everything correctly.

Getting dfu-util sources

Your home directory in msys lives in the location where you installed MSYS in %MSYS_HOME%\home\%USERNAME. Check out the dfu-util sources there or copy them into that directory in case you checked them out somehwere else on your Windows filesystem.

Where we're stuck error: Autoconf version 2.59 or higher is required the top level autom4te: /bin/m4 failed with exit status: 1 `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE' must be used automake: your implementation of AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE comes from an automake: old Automake version. You should recreate aclocal.m4 automake: with aclocal and run automake again. required file `./install-sh' not found required file `./mkinstalldirs' not found required file `./missing' not found automake: no `' found or specified

Looks like we need newer versions of the autotools. There are .tar.bz2 packages with newer versions on SourceForge, but it looks as if you have to install them manually.

Where to go from here

Even if the autotools will work and create a Makefile, any potential porting work is just about to start. There is a libusb port for Win32, but we don't know yet if the API will be compatible with the Linux version and what other problems might arise.

Stay tuned. Or even better: Help out!