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Period 2010-03-01 to 2010-03-31


Debian-openlogo-480.png Debian GNU/Linux

Debian ( is a universal operating system used on many other embedded devices, and also on home computers. Using Debian on the FreeRunner gives access to the Huge army of software packaged in the Debian repositories, already compiled for the Neo's arm(v4) processor. Moreover, one can build one's own source files for programs without having to learn the OpenEmbedded way. For an existing Debian/Ubuntu user, choosing Debian for Neo FreeRunner makes phone a very familiar, trustworthy and flexible place to hack in.

The following new noteworthy packages have appeared in the pkg-fso repository, a staging area for FreeRunner related packages not yet in official Debian:
- literki (, keyboard with configurable layout and transparency
- woosh (, minimalistic browser optimized for touch screens
- libdrm-glamo (, userspace interface to glamo-specific kernel DRM services, more info at

Each of the above has varying reasons they are not yet uploaded to official Debian archives. Literki included a version of png++ in its sources, and png++ has now been separated and literki will soon follow it to official Debian archives. The future of woosh browser is a bit uncertain, so it's waiting a bit eg. for a better replacement. Finally, libdrm-glamo is naturally waiting for the eventual inclusion of Glamo code in an upstream release, together with the hopeful integration of all Glamo code in upstream (Torvalds') Linux kernel.

Besides applications, the following FSO components have been recently uploaded to official Debian archives: libphone-utils 0.1+git20091220-2, libgsm0710_1.2.1+git20100218-1, libfsobasics_0.9.0+git20100304-2, libfsoframework_0.2.4+git20100222-1, libfsotransport_0.9.5.9+git20100308-1, libgsm0710mux_0.9.1+git20100310-1, libfso-glib_0.2.1+git20100304-1

Codename: 'sid'

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 yes
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream yes
Other yes


New Applications

Estardict.png eStarDict 0.2

Offline dictionary reader made in C with Enlightenment Elementary UI

Package: estardict
Tested on: SHR-Unstable,SHR-Testing

Chroneo.png Chroneo 1.0.0

Stopwatch and Timer

Package: chroneo
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Application Updates

BrightPlayer.png Bright Player 0.3

Quick and easy music player

  • bug fixes
  • SHR- testing compatible

Package: [ Bright Player 0.3]
Tested on: SHR-Testing

NeoLight.png NeoLight 1.4.0

An application to turn your phone into a flashlight

  • Allocate "Display" resource when flashlight is active (no display blank, no suspend)

Package: neolight
Tested on: SHR-Testing, SHR-Unstable

Podboy.png Podboy 1.5.0

Podboy is a podcast aggregator/player. Its interface aims to be easy and finger friendly. Main changes since version 1.3.0 are:

  • Played episodes that are older than a specified amount of days (defined in Settings) can be auto-deleted on every startup.
  • Episodes can now be tagged as "(un)deletable" in page "Episodes". All episodes with status "undeletable" will be ignored when auto-deletion of old episodes will be done on startup.
  • Podcasts can be renamed.
  • Downloads can be canceled.
  • Add possiblity to activate multi selection in lists (a new option is available in section "Interface" of Settings).
  • Lot of improvements in feed parsing (add and update).
  • Now, when a "Check For Updates" is done for several podcasts, a full report is displayed in a dialog.
  • Podcasts source URLs can be edited.

Package: podboy
Tested on: SHR-Testing, SHR-Unstable

Quickplay-v1.5-r3.png Quickplay

A light weight mp3 player/frontend for Ampache .

  • add volume control
  • on incoming call stop playing

Package: quickplay
Tested on: SHR-Testing

Spojegui-V0.4.1.png SpojeGUI

SpojeGUI is GUI program which use CLI program/modul which is used mainly for Czech and Slovak transport.

  • Better gui
  • Fix bug

Package: SpojeGUI
Tested on: SHR-Testing


Pisi is an application for synchronizing PIM data. Fixes for bugs from the mailing list have made it into the release. Major feature is syncml support; however, on my SHR-T this still causes seg faults due to problems with a libxml library.

Package: pisi
Tested on: SHR


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