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This update is for the period from April 4th to April 17th.There has been lot more activity these weeks with the news of future release schedule and feature list of Om2009,Kernel milestone list for a stable kernel,new mailing list for GTA03 ideas and much more. Besides this we also have the interview with Wolfgang Spraul.Read on


Period 04, Apr ~ 17, Apr, 2009


  • Om2009 The official release plan for Om2009 is June. The testing images can be downloaded from here.The wiki page also has the features list and know issues. Bugs can be submitted here. Bugs can be filed against the Om2009 milestone and please check for duplicates with this tag before submitting the bug.
  • AUIMD version 0.2 This is a user interface targeted at mobile devices, written with PyQt4. Auimd is both a sort of fullscreen X11 window manager, and a small "framework" suitable for rapid and easy build of new python/Qt4 applications.
  • FSO Extracts from Mickey's blog “As the FSO team is now without funding, we will continue working on it in our spare time, as much as we did work before Openmoko came around” Read here for more
  • SHR -Pau Espin Pedrol had the kindness to translate shr-settings and libframeworkd-phonegui-efl (the library handling the UI of the telephony stack) to spanish and catalan.
  • SHR -There's is partial Hebrew and Arabic, and full right to left support in SHR.There would be patch added to the SHR repos, so starting from the next image, this will be "built-in". (Of course, also available as packages).


New Applications

  • PISI Pisi is an application (written in Python) for synchronizing all sorts of PIM data. Currently, mainly contacts from several sources may be synchronized. You can choose between GUI and Command Line Interface
  • Call Recorder Enjoy recording your calls, and don't forget it's illegal to do so without the other side's confirmation in many places around the world.
  • Arabic keyboardArabic keyboard for openmoko, optimised for easy use.There are few other upgrades to some of the keyboards
  • Tichy 1.0 Charlie has released version 1.0 of Tichy which is now hosted on google code
  • Qalee has been released has a concept preview version ( a few functionalities are present ). You can try it right now with the jffs2 image provided. Please send feedback to the author by mail

Application Updates

  • ePDFView Small change for better scrolling
  • gvSIG Mobile for Openmoko 0.1.2. It contains various updates and improvements, even a choice of GUI language. The full list of changes can be found here
  • Intone (0.30) Elementary based mplayer frontend. Discussions on the testing of this version can be found here
  • OpenMooCow Release of version 0.4 with support for all the latest kernel changes
  • OpenBmap bug fix release 0.2.1 of the GSM/GPS logger. It corrects the application displaying sometimes N/A for GSM even when obviously there is coverage. FSO and SHR distributions have it in their feeds. ipk at opkg page.
  • GorshPlayer ( previously neoqplayer ) has won the first openmoko programming competition with release 0.3.1 , a new release, the 0.3.2 ( .deb ) is available on the developer website. It correct some bugs. If you want to participate to this project, please contact the author.


  • I being fairly new to Openmoko, decided to take an interview of Wolfgang Spraul to post for the community update.This answered the questions I had on what work we would be doing post GTA03 suspension,where we are heading to,improvements and setbacks we as a company faced and more generally his views on open source.This helps me understand the process and company much more.I hope this interests some others too.
  • Milestone stable-kernel-2009.1 has been created to fix bugs to tag current Andy tracking kernel as the stable kernel. Current list of bug can be found here.More on this in the mail from Nelson
  • Results for the first programming contest for Openmoko phones has been published with the reviews
  • New Mailing list - GTA03 for us to spin ideas on what can be the next phone that Openmoko should build or more generally what is the next Open source/open hardware phone that the community+Openmoko can build
  • New Feature with which sends an email notification for any update on the site
  • The buzz fix party in Barcelona is this weekend on Saturday 18th, Pictures and videos will be uploaded on Buzz Fix Parties wikipage for your enjoy.
  • The buzz fix party in Braunschweig is between May 1st-May 3rd.Please put your names on the wikipage if you are planning to attend. Any other infos, locations etc will be updated there.

Event News

  • 2009-04-06/08 CELF Embedded Linux Conference | ELC 2009 San Francisco, California.
  • 2009-05-12/13 OSiM Asia | The Kowloon Shangri-la hotel, Hong Kong | Openmoko will give a speech
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