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--Tick 03:46, 23 June 2008 (UTC)This page may change rapidly recently. Alpha 0.1.0

Community Repository

There is a community repository that every one can release your projects on Neo.


The Repository:

The mailing list:

How to release packages

You can release your package with ipk file.

Package Tags

If you want your package to be shown on Assassin, please add tag message on your package.

Category Tag
Communication group::communication
Development group::programming
Games group::games
Maps group::maps
Miscellaneous group::unknown
Network group::network
Repos group::repos
  • For OE user, please adding the Tag by adding one line in your bb file

For example:

PKG_TAGS_${PN} = "group::games"

Add Repository on Neo

Add repositories by installing repository packages

  • The community-repository is installed by default in ASU.

Add repository manually

  • create a file, here we call it community-repos.conf
> echo "arch community-repos 50" > community-repos.conf
> echo "src community-repos" >> community-repos.conf
  • connect to your Neo with USB
> sudo ifconfig usb0
> scp community-repos.conf root@
  • refresh the opkg metadata database
> ssh root@ 
after connecting to Neo
> opkg update

We need your help

We need reviewers who can review new packages. If you want to help, please send e-mail to the mailing list .

Reviewers must have the following:

  • an account on
  • ssh public key on
  • basic svn skills
  • basic opkg skills

Openmoko really appreciates your help!

 Current Reviewers

Review Packages

The reviewer will check if there have new packages on the mailing list. If you are reviewer and want to review that package

  • reply that mail, and say you want to review that
  • check if the package follows the policy
  • download the package on
  • install that package to see if
    • installable?
    • executable able?
    • functions the claimed works actually works?
    • If it do something bad?
    • uninstall it and see if everything still ok?
  • if the package is okay, put the package in this file and the package will shown next day.

Review Policy

  • Packages in this repository shall not in OM repository
  • Program shall not collect user information and send to others unless it has very clear notification
  • Program shall not destroy the system
  • All packages shall be run-able on Neo
  • The package file name should refer which version of the project is compiled.