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This page is a repository for alternate case designs for the Neo1973, intended to be designed, built and fitted by the community/the phone's owner.

Each alternate case design suggestion needs some or all of: a description, intended uses, a 3D model in an open format (e.g. .stl, .blend (Blender)), rendered images of the intended design, materials and any information regarding buttons etc. which connect electronically to components within the phone.


There are numerous rapid prototyping companies that will very cheaply make small run components from various polymers, including:

ABS Protytpes


Rapid Object

Rapid Prototyping New Zealand

Red Eye RPM

Other materials may require traditional manufacturing techniques including milling, forging, injection-moulding, either by the user or short-run companies such as:

eMachine Shop

(4 axis) gantry style cnc router for hire. Click for inquiries


Cost Example

Rapid Object charge from 1.9 Euros per cm^3 of material (photosensitive polymer) used, plus postage. The case for the Neo looks to be about 1.5mm thick, so conservatively, the back of the case will be approximately:
120 x 60 x 1.5
+ 120 x 9 x 1.5 x 2 (2 sides)
= 10,800
+ 3,240

= 14,040 mm^3

~ 14 cm^3

~ 26 Euros

and the front will be (allowing for the screen hole):
(120 x 60) - (43 x 58) x 1.5
+ 120 x 9 x 1.5 x 2 (2 sides)
= 7,059
+ 3,240

= 10,299 mm^3

~ 10cm^3

~ 19 Euros

Design Variant Suggestions

Some of these are a copy of requests in Wish List - Hardware#Casing, some are from ideas thrown up in the community mailing list.


None of this can be accomplished without the dimensions of existing phones - if FIC are unable/unwilling to release precise dimensions, a user of a Neo1973 will need to measure their phone and upload the information to Neo1973 case schematics in the form of a CAD drawing/model.

Some users may want combinations of the variants listed.