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'''This is the root category,''' the starting point to navigate the wiki by browsing. We try to have a flat category/subcategory system. Both category names and subcategory names are allowable tags. It's also okay to give multiple tags to a page.
* '''[[:Category:Hardware|Hardware]]''' category tags describe pages according to functional subsystems: [[:Category:GPS|GPS]], [[:Category:USB|USB]], [[:Category:GSM|GSM]]...
* '''[[:Category:Applications|Applications]]''' category tag end-uses topics: [[:Category:Settings|Settings]], [[:Category:Networking|Networking]]...
* '''[[:Category:Distributions|Distributions]]''': [[:Category:Om 2008.8|2008.8]], [[Om 2008.12 Update]], [[:Category:Om 2009|Om 2009]] ([[:Category:FSO|FSO]] based), [[:Category:Debian|Debian]]...
* '''[[:Category:Maturity Level|Maturity Level]]''': from [[:Category:Ideas|Ideas]] (pre-alpha) to [[:Category:Implemented|Implemented]] (mostly β actually).
* '''[[:Category:Community|Community]]''' is about the social aspects of the Openmoko scene: [[:Category:Openmoko Local Groups|Local user groups]], [[:Category:Event|Events]]...
You can also see the [[Category overview|Categories overview Page]] for a general overview, [[Special:CategoryTree| search]] the categories, or see the complete [[Special:Categories| alphabetical listing]]. In the list below, the <nowiki>[+]</nowiki> sign opens subcategories.

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