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CDMA Version

Currently there is no such version planned.
The reason is simple:
Openmoko is about free phones.
We are currently not aware of any carrier using CDMA and supplying R-UIM (smartcards, similar to SIM cards in GSM networks).
Every phone needs to be provisioned by the carrier itself.
Most CDMA phones do not even have a R-UIM slot it seems.
Thus a CDMA Version is currently not feasible.

Verizon Wireless recently announced their ‘Any Apps, Any Device’ option for their customers in 2008. With this announcement, a CDMA2K-EVDO-based OpenMoko has become a distinct possibility.


This page is to suggest the possibility of a CDMA version of the OpenMoko and see if there would be any interest in accomplishing this:

Leave your nickname here if you are interested in a CDMA version.

  1. dyous87 -- CDMA support for carriers such as Verizon wireless is all I would need to get this phone. If this comes out I would get it without having to think twice.
  2. SteveoSupremo -- I am willing and able to do hardware design. And if FIC wants it I will sign a NDA.
  3. Ryuch 06:48, 26 October 2007 (CEST)
  4. Andronov Philipp 27 October 2007 it would be greate to have CDMA smartphone
  5. brusstoc Nov 2007 - I am interested. (if this is an 'open' phone, then we should not eliminate carriers just because they are short-sighted, right?)
  6. artlex Nov 27th 2007 - Now that Verizon has decided to open up their CDMA network to all device makers in 2008 (for a 'small' fee), isn't this very desirable? In my area Verizon coverage is superior to all others. (
  7. RyanT5000 05:20, 28 November 2007 (CET) - I'm currently locked into a Verizon plan, and this phone seems clearly superior to all the Verizon phones (except for slide-out keyboards, which some prefer). If I understand correctly, Sprint's selection is almost as bad. OpenMoko could capture a huge segment of the CDMA high-end phone market, especially since there's no indication that a CDMA iPhone will be released any time soon.