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More information:
More information:
* [[Browser|List of Internet applications]] - Screenshots, website, availabiltiy
* [[List of Internet Applications]] - Screenshots, website, availabiltiy
* [[:Category:Internet Applications|Internet applications articles]] in the Openmoko Wiki
* [[:Category:Internet Applications|Internet applications articles]] in the Openmoko Wiki

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The purpose of this page is not to be exhaustive, but simply to provide an easy shelter where everybody can add links for Openmoko-related programs. Applications, scripts, projects, distributions, images at all maturity levels are welcome. Please limit each entry to one line. You may create a new wiki page or just provide an outgoing link.

To find more information about these programs view the List pages linked below each category (screenshots, availability on various distributions).

Some applications have complete articles in our Openmoko Wiki, a link to all articles in a specific category is also available in every section.



  • Openmoko Mediaplayer 2 - Play music and video (mp3...)
  • Qtopia Mediaplayer - Play music (mp3...)
  • Openmokast - Play audio stream and slideshow stream


More information:



  • GPS Sight - Display GPS information, location, tracks, etc, without maps.
  • Gpsdrive - Car (bike, etc) navigation system
  • Om 2008.8 Locations - (aka Splinter) - Location sharing based on GPS and SMS
  • Navit - Car navigation system with routing engine
  • TangoGPS - Display map (OSM..), record GPS tracks...
  • Pyroute -
  • QMapControl - Display maps (OSM..) and add points, lines...
  • Qpegps - Display map with current position
  • Idle Hands - Give a task to you based on your location


  • Linphone - Voice over IP
  • Midori - Webkit based web browser
  • Minimo - Mozilla based web browser
  • Mokopedia - Read small Wikipedia dumps offline
  • Openmoko-browser2 - The original Openmoko web browser
  • Openmokast - Play audio stream and slideshow stream
  • Openmoko Mail - E-mail client
  • Pidgin - Instant messaging client (ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo and more.)
  • PyFeedRead - RSS feed reader
  • Qtmail - Default mail program on Om 2008.8

More information:


  • Epdfview - PDF reader.
  • Evince - Document reader for PDF, PS, DJVU and more.
  • FBReader - E-book reader program (TXT, FB2, HTML and more)
  • Gutenflash - Fast text reader by scrolling text






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