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* [[Browser|Overview of Internet applications]] - Screenshots, website, availabiltiy
* [[Browser|Overview of Internet applications]] - Screenshots, website, availabiltiy
* [[:Category:Internet Applications|Internet applications category]] - Applications which have full a article in the Openmoko Wiki
* [[:Category:Internet Applications|Internet applications articles]] in the Openmoko Wiki
== Office ==
== Office ==

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The purpose of this page is not to be exhaustive, but simply to provide an easy shelter where everybody can add links for Openmoko-related programs. Applications, scripts, projects, distributions, images at all maturity levels are welcome. Please limit each entry to one line. You may create a new wiki page or just provide an outgoing link.



  • Minimo - Mozilla based browser
  • Midori - Webkit based browser
  • Mokopedia - Read small Wikipedia dumps offline
  • Openmoko Mail - E-mail client
  • Pidgin - Instant messaging client (ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo and more.)

More about Internet applications


GPS Applications







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