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This is the wiki's master application directory for the Openmoko smartphones. It can not be exhaustive, as new things are showing up every week. If you are looking for a specific application and it is not listed there, you have found a bug so please add it. You may provide an outgoing link, or use the opportunity to create a new wiki page for the application.

In this case, note that the directory is organized in sections and that it only provides a short explanation for each entry. For each section X, we also have a separate wiki page named "List of X applications" . These List of ... pages includes more details like screenshots, installation instructions, availability. If you add an application in this directory, please also consider updating the "List of X applications" page.


  • Openmoko Mediaplayer 2 - Play music and video (mp3...)
  • Qtopia Mediaplayer - Play music (mp3...)
  • Openmokast - Play audio stream and slideshow stream
  • pythm - Audio player GUI using mplayer and mpd as backend.

More about these audio applications:

Note that most of the video applications also play audio, see below.


  • Games/Om 2007.2 - Many small games on Om 2007.2
  • Om 2008.8 Sudoku - Number placement based puzzle game
  • Moko-sudoku - Another sudoku puzzle game.
  • Scummvm - Plays certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games
  • Kobodeluxe - A top-view space shooter, available from 2008.8 repositories.
  • xjig - A virtual jigsaw puzzle.
  • Battle of Wesnoth - An addictive turn-based strategy game.
  • Pingus - Pingus is a lemmings clone with penguins.
  • Duke Nukem 3D - Legendary First Person Shooter.
  • Numptyphysics - A drawing puzzle game.
  • Gnuboy - An emulator for the handheld gaming all-time bestseller.
  • Chess - Gnuchess, console based.
  • XBill - Little action game to stop Bill from installing Wingdows(tm) on computers.

More about games:


  • GPS Sight - Display GPS information, location, tracks, etc, without maps.
  • Gpsdrive - Car (bike, etc) navigation system
  • Om 2008.8 Locations - (aka Splinter) - Location sharing based on GPS and SMS
  • Navit - Car navigation system with routing engine
  • TangoGPS - Display map (OSM..), record GPS tracks...
  • Pyroute -
  • QMapControl - Display maps (OSM..) and add points, lines...
  • Qpegps - Display map with current position
  • Idle Hands - Give a task to you based on your location

More about GPS applications:


More about graphics applications:


  • Linphone - Voice over IP
  • Midori - Webkit based web browser
  • Minimo - Mozilla based web browser
  • Mokopedia - Read small Wikipedia dumps offline
  • Openmoko-browser2 - The original Openmoko web browser
  • Openmokast - Play audio stream and slideshow stream
  • Openmoko Mail - E-mail client
  • Pidgin - Instant messaging client (ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo and more.)
  • PyFeedRead - RSS feed reader
  • Qtmail - Default mail program on Om 2008.8

More about internet applications:


  • Epdfview - PDF reader.
  • Evince - Document reader for PDF, PS, DJVU and more.
  • FBReader - E-book reader program (TXT, FB2, HTML and more)
  • Gutenflash - Fast text reader by scrolling text

More about office applications:


More about Settings applications:


More about system applications:


More about telephony applications:


More about utility applications


  • Video Player - Using Mplayer on Openmoko smartphones
  • Quasar - a mplayer frontend for X11

More about video applications

An automatic list of application-related wiki pages

The pages linked above are all maintained manually. We also maintain an automatic categorization system by tagging wiki pages. Here is the list of application-related pages in this wiki. Normally, every page listed below should be also listed above in the same category. The converse is false: there are applications without a wiki page.

Applications in this Wiki:

Where to find more applications?

Not all Openmoko apps are listed on this wiki - there are much more projects at the Openmoko GForge than the wiki can list, not to mention self-hosted applications on their own websites. Actually the phones can run most Linux based Free Software, using for example the Debian distribution. The mobile phones section of Freshmeat may be a interesting place to look.

More application download related pages:


Where to find full distributions ?

  • Download: for complete system downloads

The usual warnings

  • Some of these software are developed by Openmoko Inc. and some are contributed by the community. Any problems with community contributed software should be reported to the individual software developer rather than the Openmoko core team.
  • Most programs listed here are not mature/stable, but only useable/beta.
  • Many programs listed here are not yet packaged for your distribution and integrated in its repositories. Whichever it is.
  • Installing experimental software from the internet is certain to break things. Running it as root is a very insecure thing to do. Kown that you will be burned, have backups, and be ready to apologize to everybody in your phone contact list in case they receive strange SMSs...